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    Employee wellness programs seem to offer many benefits. There’s general well-being of course, plus health, happiness…and the pursuit of more happiness?

    In other words, it can be surprisingly hard to articulate any concrete benefits of employee...  more
  • Mack Allen
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    Often resulting from lifestyle factors like stress and a lack of exercise, chronic inflammation results when the immune system releases chemicals meant to combat injury and bacterial and virus infections,2 even when there are no foreign invaders to...  more
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    Major depression is a common yet serious mental illness that causes low mood as well as a number of physical symptoms.

    Depression, especially when it goes untreated, can actually change the brain, making episodes worse or more frequent.

    It also...  more
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    You have arthritis pain, and the inflammation in your joints causes your fingers to swell up and resemble little sausages.

    Or maybe you’ve chowed down on salty foods. Should you freak out? Probably not.
    Fingers swell for a lot of reasons, and many...  more
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    We all know that the best way to keep ourselves energized and ready for the day is to eat right, exercise, and get a good night’s sleep.

    It’s also a fact that hardly anyone has the time to do this seven days a week so we all need a little boost...  more
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