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  • Description: It can be the most wonderful time of year, but finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be a real chore - especially if it means you have to go to the store, or you can't find what you want online Things to ask for. But as the age-old advice goes, when you give a gift, it's the thought that counts, and when you combine that with the challenge of finding a great gift, it's no wonder so many creative people Both tend to make Christmas presents. , I started my list of the best laser cut Christmas gifts with this tree. Mail this adorable laser cut Christmas tree to your friends! I really like the concept of a puzzle gift like this. Atomstack laser cut it on a thin wood board and mail it to your friends and family! This is a great way to show off your laser cutting skills. , Every year you probably check out the most popular gifts and hold off on buying anything on those lists because they include loud and irritating toys that kids only love for 3.4 seconds before moving on to the next thing. When you make something for kids, they might head for noisy and annoying presents first. Still, there's a good chance that your handcrafted custom item made with a laser cutter or 3D printer will be a visionary gift and one they'll miss for years to come. , This laser cut 3D acrylic ornament looks so classy! You will need to print this in acrylic. I just love dioramas. They are just something. In Mexico, they have so many dioramas that I could look at for hours! My fourth favorite are these cute little laser cut reindeer heads. I don't expect Santa's reindeer to be decapitated and put on display, but it would be lovely when the reindeer were laser cut in the wood. This might be the best Christmas gift to laser cut. The problem is that you need to connect the iPad. Seriously though laser cutting wood with a microscope? ! This design is great and makes a great gift for teachers. This periodic table of elements would be the perfect gift for middle school students. This is a puzzle so it will help them learn the elements in a fun way. This laser engraver design looks suitable for more advanced users. So impressive, it's now on my "to be deleted" list. What a great laser cut gift. I honestly can't believe this design is free. atomstack s20 pro This laser cut 6-pack makes e the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. You can easily stockpile root beer for your non-drinking friends! Love that detail, how cool would that be with a little personalization! I don't play chess, but I like the board. This would make a great laser cut gift for the chess player in your life or a non-chess player like me who loves chess boards. I love this little treasure chest. This would make a great gift for anyone. Cut out this design and attach a gift inside. This laser cut grand piano music box makes a great gift. You can buy music box add-ons on other sites. You can get almost any song. For kids who like to play tricks, this atomstack s20 pro laser-cut cabin dollhouse is great, as is this multi-story garage -- and if the lucky recipient is an avid car fan and has access to storage space, then this laser-cut How about wall storage? Kids will love it, and as they get used to tidying up their car, so will their parents! ! ! Whether you use or design a project you create or make for the kids in your life, adding a little personal touch will make them happy and mean they'll cherish the gift long after it's received.