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The player base is greater in Aion Classic

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    September 14, 2021
    They don't seem to have read my emails, which is the most disappointing thing. I wrote aion classic kinah buying an email to inquire for information about my pet and received a 3-month sub to confirm. They first say they don't provide this service. They reply that they don't have any information on Siels Aura products.

    It was an entire group, we all were in at the same moment. Except that running out of the instance to submit hairpin quest is considered to be a violation. Then going back in, ..... yet everyone does this. So it can't be that I would think. However, I did send them an email and received an email with a copy-and-paste response. I was not going to look into their error. It's really sad.

    Nothing is true. This is just a copy/paste reply that they are offering to anyone, even those who did not do anything other than the normal SR hairpin run. I have heard of a person who hasn’t been online for more than a week, and was banned for this. The most likely thing they did was verify that people left and then re-entered SR numerous times and flagged those who were banned through an automatic verification process, without checking to see if they were actually questing.

    Finally, someone told me why I was kicked out. Be aware, everyone. The use of SteelRake and doing the HairPin quest could get you banned if it is submitted repeatedly. This is what I did in the LFG group I was a part of. We would kill mobs, gather our 12 hairpins and then head to the shugo and turn in the quest . After that, we'd go back to Steel Rake and continue on the same way. This is exactly what I and most of the players did when the game first released. We didn't even know it was an exploit ?! I wrote them back to inquire if this is an exploit or an error from their side. This appears to be an attempt to exploit the system, however, it appears that this is an intentional decision. Be cautious if you do this with the hairpin search.

    The player base is greater in Aion Classic however it's all relative , considering that Aion retail is a bit crowded with only six people playing at any given time the last time I went through. Aion Classic was the combat patch most well-liked by players. This is due to its animation-oriented combat system, and the fact that certain class identity types haven't been affected by the power creep. Aion Classic offers 1 hour of free play. This isn’t much but it allows players to still play games even if your account has to be paused (and in the event that your game has been paused, it indicates that you're too busy to play for long period of time).

    Is there any difference in regards to graphics, gameplay and player base? I've played just one character to level 8 on the F2P version. Before getting any further, I'd like to find out if it's worth the effort to buy aion classic kinah keep on playing this version or is Classic more enjoyable? Perhaps the pros and cons of each version? This would be amazing!