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The only MMO that's made me feel anything

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    September 8, 2021
    It wasn't just about a few buttons sporting long GCDs. FF14 also had to WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold evolve its base gameplay in the same way as WoW. There's always something for each level. Shit, my white mage has like 5-6 bars fully set up and I'm using 90% of the shit on. Their level squashes aren't like WoW's earlier ones. It means that players must use similar skills when leveling up. This isn't a major issue. The sole real and unavoidable gripe about the game me is PVP. I'm not able to wrap my mind over the mess that is PVP.

    The players must understand that they're separate games that can do various things effectively. I would rather play FF14 over FF13 over the long run because of the stronger community and the story, as well as the fact that it's actually enjoyable once you've started exploring the expansions. JRPGs are always a favourite of mine , and this one hits the mark so hard that I regret not getting into it earlier. WoW's popularity has grown steadily from the an early version of vanilla, until the recent years. It's easy to pick up and play and will never fail to hit all nostalgia buttons for me. However, the story is usually funny and occasionally I'm looking for a bit more than 10+ years old graphics. There are also it's the most obvious, boring time-gating.

    There is at least teleporting instead of the lengthy flight paths of 10+ minutes. It's true that "Pray Come to the Waking Sands" will cause me some gaming PTSD from years ago.

    I'll still play wow, however, when I finally go on my own I doubt it's to another MMO. I've tried a few other mmos throughout the years and they've all failed to keep my attention. There are many elements like visuals or gameplay, but the soundtrack is probably the most significant.

    The only MMO that's made me feel anything but WoW's music is SWTOR (and it's Star Wars music so I'm certain to enjoy it).

    I believe that after Wrath I'll be able close the WoW story. I started my first toon in TBC but didn't make it to max level until just a few weeks before Wrath became available. Wrath is the one where I found my feet I was able to learn how to master raiding and my character. I had so much fun during that expansion and I can't wait to see it be back.

    Story writing at the lowest level ever, the primary antagonist is buy WOW TBC Gold boring there are more than 20 active currencies to keep track of and the content is just bare bones and mostly boring newspapers. PVP is currently all paid-for boosts All high-end achievements can be purchased using WoW tokens as well. The world seems disjointed and empty