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As part of the special series we have

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    August 27, 2021
    What chance do you have when pitching the free to RuneScape gold play model to each platform holder. I can't give details as we are still in discussion and there is no fixed in the stone.

    Geoff Iddison was the former Jagex CEO. He stated that he was looking to combine the premium subscription model and micropayments. What do you think of the idea. I don't think you can take a game similar to Runescape and retrofit microtransactions to it. It would be too complicated and unworth the effort. Obviously that system is more profitable, but I think it would price a player experience too far up.

    What is the reason why that free-to-play games are so closely connected to MMOs? I believe that a lot of people feel the existence of an MMO means you're going to spend a lot of time with a product, and so I think the free-to-play model is a great complement to that more because it allows players to ask 'do I really want to invest an extensive amount of time playing this'.

    In the past that you were looking to expand to Asia. What is the progress? Runescape has support for several languages, and the technology is in the market. The next step is commercialization. We 're thinking about where we should go next, whether it's the eastern part of Europe, Asia, South America and so on. In reality, the jury is still out on this one.

    As part of the special series we have, Develop interviews Mark Gerhard. It gives stats about the amount of time spent by the most long-running F2Per, as well as information about the possibility of moving to consoles, but there's nothing that's'major' that hasn't been at mention in the past, at a minimum.

    Summoning can affect your combat level therefore your companion should be able to fight alongside your character, regardless of single-fight restrictions. If you claim that the benefits of you r creature compensate the loss, that is just not true mathematically.

    Ex: Steel titan gives 20 percent defense boost. 20% of 99 = 19.8, which rounds to 20. 20 defense levels would boost combat, which would boost it five levels (defense*4=1cb). 99 summoning lets buy OSRS gold you access 12 combat levels. Where are the remaining seven combat levels? This is a bit ridiculous. This creature is clearly part you. You created and control it. You also have the power it to destroy. They don't have to change this.
  • September 6, 2021
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