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In other words, enjoy the trip, not the destination.

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    July 7, 2021
    That is only my opinion, there may be people who aion classic kinah enjoy the grind, but I think it helps to sustain the participant base using it grindy.

    Well, the problem is making it too easy, this can be an MMORPG and a Classic server of Aion not, therefore it should be as it was if not what is the point? You say it took too much time to level up and you are right, but that's the point!

    This is not a mobile game that you can just leave it AFK or a sport in which you may pay to get to the top level, and I feel this is chiefly focused on the old player base while I do agree some areas of the leveling was slow, but that's how it had been. You might say people don't have that much time anymore we are not children anymore.... and?

    In 2009-2010 I'd just started school and had to work also, because of this I was just able to perform 2-3 hours every day and still enjoy most of the"grinding" and leveling, some of my own legion-mates were also busy with life and work, ofc there were people who may play with 6-7 hours a day but not even one would think - Oh I'm busy so this game should be faster to level up because"I" can't put the time...

    You cant put the time that's ok, folks have different schedules and responsibilities but this genre has been created to be a slow burner, that is among the reasons why the genre is in life-support only because they try to make it fast and easy when this should be challenging and rewarding at the exact same time, you wouldn't ask an FPS game to really have an auto-aim correct? What is the point of this, its the same if you choose"Grinding" of an MMORPG,

    In other words, enjoy the trip, not the destination.

    P.D. I do agree with creating the leveling a bit faster, but NCsoft has shown many times they can't restrain their greed and if they're provided a small excuse, they'll fill the match in the first 2 weeks with P2W stuff.

    I will definitely see where you're coming from, but I am confident that it will be far from'too' easy. It is still going to take a month or two at minimum for casual gamers to attain maximum level, even if they're playing everyday. The grind will still be there, we'll still be doing FT many many times, grinding many elites and a lot of repeatable quests to go buy aion classic kinah eu from 30-45, it's just going to be less than it was at launch.