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My account was banned as a way to allow God

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    September 2, 2021
    To Mod MMG : A time ago, you mentioned the following about RS gold Thirdscape: "We are actually working to create a novel game mechanic. It could be a whole new game or one skill. It's hard to say. The game will be made available to members and for free. But, it's expected to be this year. It's an amazing feat, and no one has done it before so I'm not going to divulge the details.

    "Basically we had intended to make this our game for 2010. However, we decided to add this to our game.

    Here are the issues What are the current plans regarding this? This is still on track, and it looked amazing when I last saw it. When will we see this? It will be soon. When will it occur? I'm sure you won't miss it. Mod MMG, Yes, this new skill/game mechanic is free for everyone who plays.

    I'm not able to define what the new skill will be, except that it isn't sailing.
    Fourth, it is totally different from the existing techniques and current popular lines. Nobody has ever done it before.

    Evidence (RSOFQF 13-14-745-60279545 Mod MMG Q&A: While it is the case that nobody is able to predict the new skill, that could be due to the fact that it hasn't happened before. (About ThirdScape) I don't want to divulge it though because it's really exciting and nobody has ever done it before, so we're sort of keeping that one close to our chests. Specific Assumptions – Extrapolating information that may not be relevant to the new ability.

    It is believed that Jagex's trademarks Never Ending, Infinite Dungeon, or Dungeon Master refer to the new game. Evidence suggests that the trademarks for the first two were registered in March 2009 (source), prior to the announcement of ThirdScape's Dungeon Master (source) prior to ThirdScape's announcement in May 2009. (source). Mod Korpz was asked about the relationship between FunOrb and to these trademarks, and responded "Not to my knowledge. In reality, I don’t know the reason why they're trade marks."

    My account was banned as a way to allow God to assist me in getting back to my normal life. Now i'm in college 3rd year and have a a happy life. I go to church every Sunday and spend time with my family. I was planning to bomb the headquarters of this gaming company however, voilence does not seem to be the answer. Runescape isn't the only game that is taking over people's lives.

    This is a discussion. I'll first ask the question, and buy RuneScape gold then respond with my thoughts. Also, I'll be using the acronym pf2p to mean pure free to play namely a player that has never been an RS member at any time in his RS "life" for brevity's sake.