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I was awestruck. Adamant and Rune Armor

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    August 21, 2021
    The competition launched today and you still have time to RS gold submit your videos via YouTube up to the 25th of August. Andrew Gerhard, Mark Gerhard, and some other members of the Community Management team will shortlist five finalists after all entries are received. The five selected videos will be showcased in the RuneScape Weekly Poll that allows the community to choose their top choice.

    The video that receives the most amount of votes will be declared the winner. The winner will be invited to Jagex Games Studio for an all-expenses paid trip. They will also get to meet the designers and creative individuals who make RuneScape come to life. We'll then send them off with an armful of signed Jagex items. The four runners-up will bag some memberships, signed t-shirts mice mats, mugs mice, and other items.

    All videos must be created within RuneScape (live actions aren't considered machinima) and uploaded via YouTube. We cannot accept entries sent to the Postbag or Gallery email. For a full list of rules and conditions, and to see an example video from TehNoobShow, subscribe to our YouTube page at This thread on the forum is a great place to ask questions regarding the contest and to get suggestions to create your own videos. We're eager to hear the ideas you have to offer.

    While I was at the Grand Exchange, I went through my bank in the hope of finding items I could sell. I came across some Iron Armor/Bronze that I couldn’t sell, because it was worth small.

    Then I ran an experiment to determine how greedy RuneScapeF2P was and then dropped an Iron Med Helm just out of the way. I waited for it to appear to the other players and then, lo and behold, 10 people ran out of the crowd in a rush to grab the helm.

    I was awestruck. Adamant and Rune Armor were also worn by some members of the Horde. I was stunned by the number of people who attempt to find an item for 55gp. I bought an inventory to train in combat, and I had only some gp left from the 3k I took from my account. So I decided to drop it to see what happened. I was surprised that even more people were rushing to get the 20gp I'd dropped.

    This has lowered my already low opinion about some other F2Pers but not those who are on this forum! even more. It's quite amazing to me that people will go to such extreme lengths to get extra money or other items. This is more disturbing to me than people in Grand Exchange who complain about how poor they are.

    All they have to do is extract an inventory of copper and cheap RuneScape gold sell it and there's 2k cash in their pockets, which is easily enough for a low level player. Do you know anyone who's done what I've suggested? Do you have any experience to share...