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The reason I'm trying to bring some life back

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    August 16, 2021
    Classic is a great option however, there are only aion classic kinah buying two servers so they're still in the process of balancing. Siel is more pop-y and asmodian heavy. they have the largest share of the abyss, which makes it difficult to farm AP often due to it.

    Israphel has lower pop and more heavy on elyos They own around 50 percent of the abyss. the other 50% split between asmo and Balaur, so a lot easier to mine AP. NA However, I have played in EU times. Although it can be very quiet at times I've never experienced problems getting groups.

    In reality, Israphel's dead. AP farming there is easier because forts are more frequently used. But those same 5-6 players will still be working continuously to farm guards which makes it hard to farm AP in the lvl 45+ range.

    The reason I'm trying to bring some life back into the place. In the simplest sense, there's forts to be captured or lost, but all I've heard about Siel is the asmos have an iron grip, and will not even let any go to recount later.

    If that wasn't proof enough, there are also those who have been proven to have been unbanned for being flagged falsely for turning into multiple times in just one run. NCSoft should not just ban the few individuals and then ban everyone else.

    This is the only one you can truly answer. If players are returning to an already open instance What are the additional or "higher amount" of rewards that players are receiving? This is the kind of quest that players do. They go in to kill mobs, and collect quest items. They'll then exit the room through one of the exits available. When they return it they can accept the next repeatable quest and return .... to the same scenario. Did they kill the mobs they killed? They are dead and gone. They'll never respawn, so there cheap aion classic kinah is zero chance of them gaining any extra loot. This has been happening for a long time, but now it's no longer allowed? What's going on? It's completely absurd.