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It's probably a lot better now thanks

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    July 23, 2021
    There was a dominant EU Horde guild, but when you look at the list of WOW TBC Gold bosses to be that were killed first in vanilla it's something like... 7 horde vs 40 alliance world first kills. It wasn't even close to me, as someone who was part of the world-first-focused guild. Even though great players are able to win on vanilla horde however, it was much simpler to be an alliance player than before.
    Vanilla people did not have any idea about anything, especially not early on. Do you really think the vast majority of people were making their choices due to racial differences? This is absurd.

    The players who were in cutting-edge PvE raid groups or PvPers and wanted to get any advantage they could would do this, but that was only around 0.1 percent of the base.

    For everyone else this simply wasn't a concern. It might have appeared like more had you been part of this tiny group.

    Ask yourself this question: What would you imagine the typical new WoW vanilla player would chose? The beautiful night elf, or the ugly orc? If you remember the exact location where the Bloodelves were set to balance everything The answer is clear.

    Yes, in 2005 the majority of servers seemed to be about 60/40 Alliance. As for why I would say that the player base was less snobby and casual at the time (aka cared about character fantasy more than researching meta-games for pvp) People favored alliance for the reason that it seemed more relatable, and they wanted to be heroic good guys like in Lord of the Rings. It was more easy to be a monster "bad guy" or a zombie than it was to wish for this. The Will of the Forsaken game was huge, and horde was more pvp-focused. But it wasn't like a huge thing. It was known that horde had higher pvp, but it wasn't a big deal.

    It's probably a lot better now thanks to TBC and more zones however in the past, classic PvP, open-world and leveling had to be a complete nightmare for Alliance on servers for PVP. With horde vs horde queues There is no reason to encourage meta players (majority of players, not all) to roll Alliance.

    After spending hundreds of hours playing my alliance players on a pvp server this really feels like a huge disgrace to me through the blizzard. This will give the dominance of hordes on cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold all pvp realms. Alliance will not be possible in open world. It is evident by the classicwow subreddit's reaction. Wow is a lost cause and the playerbase is complete rubbish.