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Packers And Movers Kolkata Tips For A Profitable Moving Sale

  • December 11, 2019 9:53 AM +0330

    Undoubtedly it is fixed, whenever anyone is moving getting rid of infructuous things before they begin to pack for a move is prime function. This moving tip will alone effect your moving in two ways by reducing the transportation cost and by adding some fund in your pocket. When you are thinking for arranging yard sale, garage sale or moving sale go for the below tips presented by Packers and Movers in Kolkata this tip will arrange your moving sale in such a way which will yield maximum profit and will be wildly successful.

    Ready Up With Your Gang:

    Organizing a successful moving sale on your own will be hard and after sometime it can be devastating for you’re to handle all the tasks you have planned for your garage sale. This is why, before doing anything asks your neighbours and friends if they are also interested to participate in such sale, so that you can team up and held a great moving sale.

    Hosting a big yard sale will attract more people but remember to avoid any conflict price tag is must for goods you will be displaying.


    For good and big moving sale it’s important to convey to your message to the large number of people which only can be possible if you use proper way of publicity like:

    • Advertising on local newspapers off course it’s good option but require some investment.
    • Online advertising doesn't involve any kind of cost except internet, for this use social media platform like inform about your upcoming sale on Facebook and Whats up also tell your friends to forward this news to other friends. Wanna store your goods but can't avail to find safe and secure storing facility, seriously have you called Packers And Movers Kolkata to Bhopal yet?

    Sign Board:

    Putting up posters and signs in the neighbour is the essential step when you are carrying out moving sale, even if you don't have enough time for advertising your sale online or on local newspaper, this will inform passing by people about the sale and also lead them to the right direction. Points to be note down when doing so:

    • Be careful where you are putting the signs, ask local authorities beforehand to avoid possible fines.
    • Make posters or signs which are enticing, use “BLACK LETTERS” and light color background but don’t lose the consistency- same style, letters and color.
    • Write Date and starting time of your moving sale. Usually Saturday and Sunday is a good option you can hold your sale from 10 am to 7 pm.
    • Don't write your addresses instead use arrow sign to indicate the way.

    Packers And Movers Tollygunge kolkata use high quality packing material for packing your goods so to provide them maximum protection during the move.

    “Looks Like We Are In A Store":

    For profitable moving sale arrange your things in such a way like it feels like you are in a department store means everything is so systematic and grouped properly with proper label and price. It’s just don’t worth it to just throw your things on the ground and force people to dig from such mess, think what will you be do in such place, will you find it worthy to spend your time on?

    • Don't lay down your things on ground use plenty of tables to arrange them on systematic manner.
    • Don't make your sale look disorganized and random people will no stay longer. Sort and group similar items together.

    Correct Pricing:

    • While deciding the price for a particular thing keeps this in your mind you are pricing not for getting back what you have spent but for selling it and getting rid of it.
    • Keep the price simple.
    • Pricing each and everything will save customers from hesitation of asking you again and again about the price of particular thing. Ya! This will take time but it's important step for selling your things fast and easily and between did I tell you Packers and Movers Kolkata provide almost all kind of relocations services Ya! Almost whether it's #vehicle #transportation or #home #shifting they assist in all.
    • Keep enough change when you are going for moving sale.

    Create A Pleasing Atmosphere:

    • Silence is awkward so feel some life to your garage sale use some nice music on the background.
    • Add some charm in your moving sale by decorating it with balloons, adding some flower here and there.
    • If it's hot then don't forget to include facility of drinking water for your customers.
    • Places some air freshened to avoid unpleasant smell of cardboard boxes.
    • Check there is no pointy object on the ground so for creating save environment for kids and pets.
    • Keep valuable items close to you so you can keep eye on them.
    • Use not for sale sticker for items not included in moving sale.
    • Lock your home.
    • Take only cash and besides keeping them on cash box use fanny pack.

    Ready For Negotiation:

    • Always add 10% to 20% on the price you are willing to get.
    • Don’t be rigid, be ready to lower some prices but not where you thing they won't worth selling lesser the displayed price. For goods you can’t sell lower than the displayed price add “Firm" sticker.
    • You can also offer special bundle pricing.

    Calling your friends to help you out on a #move, really? Stop bothering yourself, call Professional Packers and Movers in Kolkata and get #best in #Affordable prices.


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