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While residents reflect

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    July 31, 2018 12:54 PM +0430

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    It looks as if Santa will have his hands quite full this Christmas. Photo: IC

    Santa Claus is alive in the hearts of seven Beijing residents, who channeled their Christmas spirit for Metropolitan and wrote a letter to the North Pole telling the big man what they want for Christmas. Among the many heartfelt wishes, one thing is for sure: Santa has a big job on his hands.

    For some of the writers Authentic Lance Stephenson Jersey , youthful fantasies of ponies and toy trucks have given way to the woes of expat life in the capital. They've called upon jolly old Saint Nicholas to be their matchmaker, their banker, and their Chinese teacher. They've asked for more conveniently located craft beer pubs and cheap transportation. They've even pleaded for cultural understanding between all the peoples of this world.

    While residents reflect on their hopes and dreams in this special Christmas edition, one writer remembers the holidays are about giving gifts, too. Santa is in for a Beijing-friendly treat Authentic Joe Young Jersey , and this time, it's not cookies.

    Dear Santa,

    Last year I asked you to give me a fat bank account and a slim body but you mixed these two up. So this year, please be more careful!

    Firstly, I'm still short on money. Every year Authentic Domantas Sabonis Jersey , I enter the Spring Festival lottery, but I always come back empty handed. Please do something this year. I promise I'll share half the winnings with you.

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