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    Do you think plagiarism applies on only assignment writing? No Micah Hyde Bills Jersey , plagiarism is everywhere, such as computer code, illustrations, graphics etc. But there are practical ways to avoid plagiarism. Making sure references are all correct and paraphrasing words are not enough to avoid plagiarism. If you want to learn the ways of avoiding plagiarism in your essay writing, read on.

    Why should you avoid plagiarism?

    Before knowing how to avoid plagiarism, you need to understand what is the value of plagiarism in academic writing and why you should keep your copy clean from plagiarism.

    We have found out many reasons to avoid plagiarism. College and university are the places where you learn to think freely and present your own opinions. At first Kelvin Benjamin Bills Jersey , it is hard to develop your own views. You are more interested to paraphrase someone else’s ideas in order to strengthen your argument. However, it is important to develop your own voice. You are not expected to come up with original ideas always, but expected to be an independent thinker. When you learn to assess others’ work critically, weigh up different arguments and draw your own conclusion, only then you become an independent thinker.
    One of the prior reasons why you should avoid plagiarism is that you aspire to produce work of best quality. Once you know the secret of avoiding plagiarism, you will be capable of steering clear plagiarism from your writing.

    How to avoid plagiarism?

    • Full reference details
    When you read or research from any written work Kyle Williams Bills Jersey , you should include all reference details in your notes to ensure that you have all the information you need at the time of citing references.

    • Use your own words
    At first, it will be difficult for you to develop your own writing style. You will be more interested to paraphrase someone’s work and build the argument. But you can avoid this situation by using your own words in your notes to summarize your reading and try to include your own ideas under the section of comment on each text you read. You will gradually develop your own writing style with practice. Then you will be more confident to express your thoughts and ideas in your own way.

    • Organize and structure your work in your own way
    If your writing consists of a large amount of paraphrased text from different authors, or almost exact copy of another writer’s ideas and logic in the same sequence to you’re your argument, there is chance that you are plagiarizing. So it is important that you create your own groundwork and try to implement your ideas in your words, this way you can beat plagiarism.

    • Don’t be afraid to express own views
    Many students feel insecure to present their thoughts, especially when they are challenging the views of experts. You need to understand that the published material like books LeSean McCoy Bills Jersey , articles and journals are neither always right nor considered as the last word on the topic. So do not be afraid to have your own views presented, what is important is that your views should be informed and clearly expressed, based on relevant and accurate resources acknowledged by experts.

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