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    July 30, 2018 5:45 PM +0430

    LONDON Angels Jered Weaver Jersey , Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- London subway blast was caused by detonation of improvised explosive device, British police said Friday.

    A white plastic container caused fire on a packed rush-hour carriage at Parsons Green subway station in west London at around 8:20 a.m. local time on Friday.

    Police said that 18 people were rushed to hospitals following the blast and there were no serious and life-threatening injuries.

    The device is understood to have a timer, local media reports said.

    London explosive ordinance disposal team is looking for forensic clues on the scene as nurseries in the neighbourhood were evacuated.

    The incident created chaos in the area as the subway service was shut down and police stopped people from getting close.

    The blast took place after three deadly attacks in London this year -- Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Finsbury Park Angels Huston Street Jersey , and one in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert.

    1st direct freight train service linking E China, Duisburg launched

    Super typhoon Talim brings gale and heavy rainfall, causing billows in E China

    Visitors tour 14th China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning

    Twin deadly attacks occur in southern Iraq

    Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo

    Scenery of paddy fields in Baicheng, NE China's Jilin

    China Focus: World's oldest panda dies aged 37

    Scenery of terraced fields at Wuyishan in SE China's Fujian

    WASHINGTON Angels Garrett Richards Jersey , Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday urged sports network ESPN to apologize after one of its anchors labeled him as "a white supremacist."

    "ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming)," Trump said in a tweet.

    "People are dumping it in record numbers," he continued. "Apologize for untruth."

    Trump's attacks on ESPN came after SportsCenter host Jemele Hill tweeted Monday that "Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists."

    In a statement late Wednesday, ESPN said Hill had apologized to the network for her remarks and it had accepted the apology.

    "Jemele has a right to her personal opinions Angels David Freese Jersey , but not to publicly share them on a platform that implies that she was in any way speaking on behalf of ESPN," the U.S.-based network said.

    It also stressed Hill's comments "do not represent the position of ESPN."

    White House press secretary Sarah Huckbee Sanders said "ESPN has been hypocritical," when she was asked about the matter in a press conference on Friday.

    "That's one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something I think is a fireable offence by ESPN," Sanders commented.

    "They should hold anchors to a fair and consistent standard Angels Darin Erstad Jersey ," she said, noting that the network once suspended an anchor over a political statement.

    Hill's remarks on Twitter marked the latest fallout from Trump's ambiguous position on violent clashes triggered by a white supremacist rally last month in Charlottesville, Virginia, which led to the death of an anti-racism protester and injuries of dozens of others.

    The National Association of Black Journalists said Wednesday that it supports "Hill's First Amendment rights on all matters of discussion Angels Cliff Pennington Jersey , within and outside the world's of sports, as they do not impinge on her duties as host and commentator."

    In a tweet Friday morning, the American Civil Liberties Union stated "the president and his staff should not be using the enormous power of their platform to bully journalists or chill dissent."

    1st direct freight train service linking E China, Duisburg launched

    London subway station blast being treated as terrorist incident

    Exhibition held during National Mass Innovation Entrepreneurship Week

    Yongtai Turtle Town brings you back to Ming Dynasty

    Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo

    Scenery of paddy fields in Baicheng Angels Cameron Maybin Jersey , NE China's Jilin

    China Focus: World's oldest panda dies aged 37

    Scenery of terraced fields at Wuyishan in SE China's Fujian

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