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    导出博客文章As defending Tour de France champion Chris Froome readies for his bid to win a third title, he knows that while everyone will be looking at his form on the bike, many are interested to see how he will be received by the crowd he races by every day for the next three weeks. Kyle Lauletta Womens Jersey .If Froome didnt know it before Team Skys press conference on Thursday at the team hotel in Omaha Beach in Normandy, he was reminded of it and the incidents of last years race when urine was thrown in his face by some in the Tour crowd; he and his teammates were also booed, with one -- Richie Porte, now with BMC Racing -- being punched.Since Froome won his first of two Tours in 2013 -- the second being last year -- the Briton has faced constant questioning and speculation over his training and eventual performance.Over and over, Froome has replied to those who have asked in a bid to convince them of the legitimacy of his wins. Many have believed him, but his critics voice seemingly grew louder -- to the point where reaction intensified to the vile and extreme levels of last years race.So what reception does Froome expect from the Tour crowd this year after the race gets under way with the 188km first stage from Mont Saint Michel to Utah Beach on Saturday?Hopefully the same way we were received a couple of weeks ago back in the [Criterium du] Dauphiné [a race in France that he won] because there was a great atmosphere there, Froome replied softly and with a smile.The biggest race for us is the Tour de France.Its the biggest race of our calendar. We love being here and we love racing in France.Growing concern: Security and mechanical dopingFroome was equally reserved when asked of a greater fear than hecklers; that being concerns for safety throughout the Tour entourage due to terrorism.Security on the Tour been bolstered in response to the Paris terrorist attacks last November, with the addition of 23,000 extra police and gendarmes. And the elite special force, the GIGB (Groupe dintervention de la Gendarmerie nationale) that includes a counter-terrorism branch, has been appointed by the Interior Ministry to Tour duty for the first time.Asked if he had noticed the heightened security since arriving in Normandy for the Tour, Froome replied simply: We havent seen any additional personnel here or anything like that. Our focus is on the race. What you mentioned there is something happening behind the scenes. We didnt come here thinking about it our focus is on our race.Nevertheless, as doping and the new fears of terrorism that need being addressed, the increasingly international Tour de France and cycling more widely are likely to survive.Sure, sponsors have come and gone, but others have emerged; likewise teams.Similarly, champions have been lauded, then made pariahs for their cheating, only for new stars to emerge and take their place. That said, we must recognize that some riders will still always succumb to temptation despite the moves to address doping that have led many to believe cycling is now cleaner if not clean.Performance-enhancing drugs are not the only temptationMechanical doping, whereby motors are hidden in the bikes of riders, has been the subject of reports for several years, but the rumour was shown to be very real in April when a motor was found in the back-up bike of Belgian under-23 cyclo-cross rider Femke Van den Driessche at the world championships. She retired, but was been banned six years.The world governing body of cycling that banned Van den Driessche, the Union Cycliste Internationale, has since implemented regular bikes controls at myriad races, and officials says it has resources to carry out 4000 tests at the Tour de France. As part of a crackdown, high-powered thermal cameras using atomic research technology will also be used.The technology, created by the French research body into atomic energy -- the CEA -- detects heat produced by a small hidden motor, even when the motor is turned off.The cameras can be fitted by the road to monitor bikes as they pass, or on motorbikes or officials cars that overtake, riders. The UCI will also continue using its magnetic wave scanning system at Tour stage starts and finishes that uses a tablet and detects a motor, magnet or battery in a frame, or components; the system has been used since the start of the year.This problem is worse than doping, the French Secretary of State for Sports Thierry Braillard told the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday.The very future of cycling is hanging in the balance.So determined is Braillard to tackle mechanical doping that he plans to submit a law to parliament later this year that deems it as sporting fraud and punishable by law.Mark Cavendish: The Tour has just got harderIn the meantime, for those riders in the Tour, there is more than enough to consider ahead of the 2016 Tour that has been dubbed as having the hardest route in many years.Froome says his campaign to win a third Tour will be the toughest challenge of his career.Asked how the Tour had evolved, and its impact on him, he said: Since I have come in to the race realistically looking to fight for overall victory [it] has become much more of a climbers dominated race .... I just feel as if this year more than any other the level of competition is that much higher. I have got more rivals and the level of my rivals is that much stronger.Concurring with Froome, but from the other end of the field -- unless in a bunch sprint -- is fellow Briton Mark Cavendish (Team Dimension Data) who is about to race his 10th Tour.Asked how the Tour had changed, Cavendish said: It has just got harder, not harder as in like ... it is kinda taken out of context. If it is a hard profile, it doesnt necessarily make it a hard day.Flat stages can be the hardest stages in a Tour de France, especially with the mental stress. In 2008 there were 18 climbs [categorised two, one and above] in the whole Tour. Last year there were 18 in the last week. Every year it has gone up more.Cavendish said there were also more stages in the Tour to suit riders who may not be pure climbers but who are good on hillier days -- of which there are also more.And in the sprints stages that remain, Cavendish said overall contenders are increasingly getting in the fray to avoid crashes mid-field, even though it heightens congestion up front.Obviously the sprint opportunities are less ... pure bunch sprints, he said. It makes more people win, which is good for the sport, but it definitely changes our approach to the Tour.You dont go with a nine-man lead-out team to a Tour de France any more, unless you are happy with just a couple of stage wins. There are also more GC [general classification] contenders than there ever was, with teams built behind them. That makes it very difficult in sprints ... [when] you have GC guys and sprinters in a final, especially in a first day.Suffice to say, no matter how the Tour faces change -- no matter the means -- there is one constant: that being, the race remains one of sports toughest challenges of mind and body. Giants Jerseys Online . Despite the cost, effort and an improved steroid test, its possible that very few -- if any -- positives will be detected, Dr. Richard Budgett told The Associated Press in an interview. "We just dont know what the results from Torino will be," Budgett said. Cyber Monday Giants Jerseys . Jay Feely kicked a 41-yard field goal in overtime, and the Cardinals edged the Tennessee Titans 37-34 in overtime after blowing a 17-point lead late in the fourth quarter. . Barcelonas entertaining victory ensured the defending Spanish champions retained their share of the league lead with Atletico Madrid two rounds ahead of their meeting in the capital. Real Madrid needed a late goal by substitute Jese Rodriguez to earn a 3-2 victory at Valencia to stay in third place and three points behind its title rivals. Baylor offensive lineman Rami Hammad -- arrested on felony stalking charges Monday -- was accused last fall of sexually assaulting a student and violating a university-issued no-contact order after confronting the woman, Outside the Lines has learned.Hammad is facing felony stalking charges after his former girlfriend reported several instances from March to July in which he tracked her down, harassed her and twice physically assaulted her, including once at Baylors athletic facilities on campus.Last fall, a different woman reported to Baylors Title IX office that she had been sexually assaulted by Hammad. After Hammad confronted the woman about why he was under investigation by the Title IX office, she requested a no-contact order from the university, according to documents reviewed by Outside the Lines. She received it, but three days later, Hammad allegedly confronted her again. She and two witnesses reported that confrontation to police, but she declined to press charges, believing the Title IX office would pursue the matter, she told Outside the Lines.She additionally told Outside the Lines she was shocked and disappointed that Hammad was allowed to play in Baylors game against Texas Tech a few days later and the remainder of the season. She said hearing of the felony charges from Monday was very disheartening.This is all Baylors fault, she said. Had they taken my case slightly more seriously and put some kind of warning on him, this wouldnt have happened. ... The mannerisms that she described are so similar. Its not just something I wanted to remember.When reached by phone Wednesday, Hammad, who was suspended from team activities Tuesday, referred questions to Waco defense attorney Phil Martinez; Martinez said he had yet to meet with Hammad and could not yet comment on either allegation.Baylor coach Jim Grobe addressed Hammads suspension at the opening of practice Thursday.?Hes gonna have to straighten things out and Ive told our team over and over and over: Guys, theres certain things you get involved involved in, were gonna turn it over to the right people, Grobe said. I feel like its in the right process right now and the right people, people that know how to deal with these things, are dealing with it. We step out of the way. I can handle a lot of things -- I can handle if you miss a class, you sleep through a class, were late to weight room or you miss a meeting, things like that -- but when were talking about bad misbehavior, guys, youre on your own. Were going to turn it over to the right people and get out of the way.Baylor has faced widespread criticism for its handling of reports of sexual assault and violence involving football players. In late May, after the universitys board of regents received a presentation from law firm Pepper Hamilton, whom it had hired to review the schools sexual assault response and Title IX practices, the regents announced the demotion of president Ken Starr to chancellor, the suspension with intent to terminate of football coach Art Briles and probation for athletic director Ian McCaw. Within weeks, McCaw resigned, Briles was fired and Starr stepped down from all leadership positions at Baylor but stayed on as a law professor. Two other athletic department officials were fired.Last month, at Big 12 media days, Grobe sparked outrage when he spoke about the universitys recent history: We dont have a culture of bad behavior at Baylor University. The problems that were dealing with at Baylor and have dealt with at Baylor, to this point, are problems that are probably at every university in the country.Grobe later said he was referring to the players on the current roster, not the former players accused of sexual assault and other acts of violence. At the time, Hammad was still on the roster.A Baylor spokeswoman said this week that Hammad was suspended from team activities when school officials learned of his arrest on Monday. She declined to answer any questions about him.?Our policy is, weve got a strict athletic department policy which I feel is really the way we have to be, Grobe said Thursday. When youre charged with a felony, you will not practice, you will not compete in any games until its cleared up. And then the university makes a decision on suspensions. So the athletic department decision right now is that no practice, no games until you get you get it cleared up. And then the university makes the decision as to whether or not you can stay on the campus.?The woman who reported the incidents last fall to Baylor told Outside the Lines that she met Hammad at a Baylor chapel last September. They agreed to hang out a few days later. When he picked her up, he said he had some laundry to do and drove over to his house. She said he took her into his apartment bedroom, where he forced her into a sexual act.She said she was stunned but let him take her home. She said she didnt report the incident to the police because she didnt think what happened would mean anything to a police officer because she did not perceive what happened to be rape, and she said she was worried about the repercussions of reporting a football player. It was only when an acquaintance told her she had had a similar encounter with Hammad that she, and that?acquaintance, decided to report him to Baylors Title IX office later that?month.II thought Title IX was like the schools version of the police, the woman told Outside the Lines. Wholesale Giants Jerseys. The acquaintance told Outside the Lines she didnt want to file a separate Title IX report but wanted her assault allegation noted to support the woman. The woman who filed the report said Hammad soon began texting and calling her during a class to find out if she had reported him to the school. Later that day, while walking back to her dorm, she said she heard a car horn honking and saw Hammad get out of his car and run toward her, asking her about a notice from the Title IX office.She said she and her?acquaintance?then filed for no-contact orders through Baylors Title IX office. The womans order, reviewed by Outside the Lines, was issued Sept. 30, 2015.On Oct. 2, 2015, the woman was sitting outside Baylors student union and talking on the phone when she looked up and saw Hammad in front of her, she told Outside the Lines. I knew he was very aware there was a no-contact order. He said, You know it was consensual. She said she didnt respond and tried to get up as Hammad started yelling at her.Two male students behind her noticed and stood up, at which point he walked away. She said she called Baylor police, who interviewed the two witnesses. An officer told her that she could press charges. I said: No, this is not what college is supposed to be. I dont want to press charges, she said. I just thought Title IX would take care of it.Outside the Lines began investigating the incident in April, requesting the Baylor police report from that incident. Baylor officials declined to release it, stating it was an education record protected under federal student privacy laws. The Texas Attorney Generals office upheld Baylors decision not to release the police report.The woman in the no-contact incident told Outside the Lines that one of the most disappointing aspects of Baylors handling of the allegations is that it appears Hammad was never disciplined. The day after the incident near Baylors student union, she and friends -- including the acquaintance who said Hammad had assaulted her, too -- went to AT&T Stadium in Arlington to watch Baylor play Texas Tech. She said they were shocked to see Hammad on the field.We felt we were being betrayed, she said. Its like they were rewarding him by playing him and starting him in the game. I texted the police officer ... and said: Why the hell is he starting? He broke a no-contact order. She said the officer apologized but couldnt give her an answer because she had no involvement in those decisions.Thats when it really hit us that Baylor wasnt doing anything at the time, the acquaintance said, noting that the no-contact order stated that violation could result in suspension or expulsion from the school.Hammad played in all 13 games that season.The woman said she ultimately stopped attending Baylor football games and became frustrated with the Title IX process. In late October, she declined to participate in the judicial affairs trial that had been called because of her reports, because she said it would have been too emotionally upsetting to be in close contact with Hammad. She said she was given the option to have her Title IX investigator speak on her behalf, and she agreed to that.The only communication the woman had with Baylor after the hearing came in a Nov. 12 email from Baylor Chief Judicial Officer Bethany McCraw, the woman told Outside the Lines. The email, reviewed by Outside the Lines, stated that the woman needed to start taking a certain exit from a science building to avoid coming in contact with Hammad. It also stated that if the woman needed to access any building on campus where she did not have a scheduled class, or outside of her scheduled class time, that she must email McCraw at least 24 hours ahead of time to get her approval.I never got a result from the trial, and now Im being told how to exit the building as if Im the one whos being charged? she said. I felt like I was being punished and treated like a criminal.She reached out to Title IX Coordinator Patty Crawford, who was out of the office that day, and then I emailed every single person who works for Ken Starr listed on his website, and I told them I was disgusted with Baylor.?She said no one responded to the email.She said she called the Title IX office a few days later and complained about the email from McCraw to the person who answered the phone -- whose name she did not recall -- and also asked about the trial. She said she was told, We cant disclose what happened at the trial to you.At that point, I was done, the woman said. I said: Youve ruined my first semester of college. ... Please dont contact me again. This has been the worst experience of my life.A Baylor spokeswoman said in an email Thursday that any determination of a Title IX procedure is communicated to both parties, and all parties have the right to appeal. Both parties in every case have equal rights and have access to the same investigative reports and case-related information, including the outcomes, rationale, and if applicable, sanction/s, appeal information, and appeal outcomes.Information from ESPNs Max Olson was used in this report. Cheap Jerseys 2019 Nike NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys 2019 Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Throwback Cheap Jerseys China ' ' '