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ADHD (Hyperactive Disorder)

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    January 9, 2023 9:03 PM +0330

    Shire Pharmaceuticals, a company that we have been very critical of in the past, is one of the companies leading the way in ProDrug development. Well, actually they are not, but they did by New River Pharmaceuticals for $2,600,000,000 (yes, that is 2.6 Billion dollars). And New River Pharmaceuticals was leading the lay in ProDrug development for ADHD with their drug Vyvanse (lisdexamgetamine dimesylate). The FDA approved Vyvanse as a "novel treatment" for ADHD in February of 2007, and the DEA will classify it as a Schedule II controlled substance.

    From the Shire press release of Feb. 2007: "VYVANSE is a prodrug that is therapeutically inactive until metabolized in the body. In clinical studies designed to measure duration of effect, VYVANSE provided significant efficacy compared to placebo for a full treatment day, up through and including 6:00 pm.

    Furthermore, when VYVANSE was administered orally and intravenously in two clinical human drug abuse studies, VYVANSE produced subjective responses on a scale of "Drug Liking Effects" (DLE) that were less than d-amphetamine at equivalent doses. DLE is used in clinical abuse studies to measure relative preference among known substance abusers.

    The FDA approval of VYVANSE is exciting news for Shire as well as for patients, their families, and healthcare providers as it's an important, novel approach for the treatment of ADHD," said Matthew Emmens, Shire Chief Executive Officer. "The label we received with the approval letter includes information about the extended duration of effect and abuse-related drug liking characteristics of VYVANSE which illustrate benefits that differentiate this compound from other ADHD medicines.

    The addition of VYVANSE to our ADHD portfolio reaffirms Shire's commitment to continue to address unmet medical needs and advance the science of ADHD treatment. Beginning with product launch in Q2 2007, Shire will make VYVANSE our top promotional priority within our ADHD portfolio.

    The second problem is that children with ADHD have days when they do not need to have a stimulant on board for 14 hours. When a child with ADHD 'sleeps in' and wakes up at 11am it is likely that this child will still go to sleep at his regular bedtime 8-10 hours later. If this child is given Vyvanse however, he will be awake until 1 in the morning. There is no way to shorten the duration of action of Vyvanse. Giving him half the dose just halves the stimulant effect, not the duration of action.

    I once heard a psychiatrist suggest to a parent of an ADHD child with this problem that she set her alarm for 7am on weekends and wake her child up and to give him his Vyvanse. A ridiculous suggestion such as this one is why physicians get the terrible reputation that they sometimes get.

    The Parents of Children with ADHD, who do not feel comfortable 'talking back to a physician', might have not have the nerve to tell their physicians what a thoroughly bad idea this is. I know of no parent, in their right mind, who is going to wake their peacefully sleeping ADHD child, at 7 am, on a stress less weekend morning to give them their stimulant medication can I buy vyvanse online eu.

    Vyvanse is not as vulnerable to rate changes based upon acid/base balance or transit time.The Mystery Objective: The PM Release with Vyvanse: Vyvanse deserves it's own tip because it is so effective, with such an excellent, predictable 12-14 hr DOE. Think of this simple point when measuring the DOE with Vyvanse - the metabolically released stimulant is so different that many don't "feel it working" and therefore miss when it "quits working." Remember with Vyvanse: look for the original cognitive, "mental" objectives, not the somatic, buzzy effects. When Vyvanse quits in the PM the ability to finish tasks is gone.

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    January 10, 2023 7:44 PM +0330

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