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The smart clothing shopping guide

  • October 26, 2022 6:19 AM +0330


    Doing clothing store sales, you will definitely encounter such a situation. Some old customers ask as soon as they enter the door: Why hasn't your home been new? I see that every time I go to other houses, it is different every time. It seems that the speed of changing new ones in our house is not fast...


    What was your reaction at this time? Coping with ease or embarrassment?


    Take a look at the answers below:


    Shopping guide: "Yeah, I also think it's a bit slow, but we can't do anything about it. The company has a time limit..."


    Shopping guide: "Yeah, Sister Zhang, it's been a few days late this time, and we're in a hurry. Fortunately, the new product arrived yesterday, and it's a coincidence that you were in time today..."


    Shopping guide: "We are indeed a few days late this time. I'm sorry, Sister Zhang, for making you wait for a long time. What do you want to see today..."


    Shopping guide: "I'm so sorry, Sister Zhang, due to transportation problems, our new products only arrived yesterday, and we haven't had time to put them on the shelves yet..."


    The above 4 answer methods seem to be no big problem, but in most cases, if you answer like this, some customers will leave after a circle, some customers who try it on do not buy it, and some only buy one or two pieces. There is not much improvement in overall sales.


    So how to solve the problem of "customers say the goods are slow"? And cleverly resolve it, so that customers who have entered the store can take away a few more clothes.


    Understand the customer's intentions, what are they thinking?


    A lot of information can be seen from the customer Sister Zhang who said to the shopping guide, "It's too slow to ship new products in your home", which must be understood:


    1. The customer is a regular customer:


    Only the old customers have requirements and suggestions for the brand, and the new customers are too lazy to say it, just like parents always nagging about their children's minor problems, but they are too lazy to talk about other children's children;


    1. Customers are multi-brand consumers:


    Usually, you likely spend on 2 or more brands. After comparing, you find that others have a lot more new products than yours, so you say that your new products are slower;


    1. Customers like your home more:


    Among the many brands she consumes, she likes yours a little more, otherwise, it's alright not to come, you can't hear her saying "it's too slow to put new products", I still hope that the brands you like can be changed;


    And how do customers know that others have more new products than yours? It's obvious by looking at the display.


    To a large extent, in the eyes of customers, "Your new products are too slow" is equivalent to "other people's new products are much more than yours".


    So the new product display situation at this time is likely to be that the new products in other brand stores account for 70% to 80%, while your store manager's new product display area is only 30%.


    In this case, of course, customers will say that your new products are too slow; at this time, it will become unconvincing to insist that "we have new products that arrived yesterday or today, but they are not displayed."


    At this time, customers will think: Even if you have new products yesterday, it is much slower than others. Others XX brand launched 80% new products last week. I kindly remind you, why are you quibbling with me?


    So when the speed of new products in the store is indeed slower than that of other brands, the old customers also reminded them. What should be better at this time?


    How to respond quickly to customers?


    For such old customers, you must be grateful. If every old customer doesn't remind you and just quietly goes to the brand of new products, then maybe you don't even know when the store went downhill.


    So when the old customer says "your family is too slow to get new products", we can do this:


    Customer: Your home is too slow to get new products;


    Shopping guide: Ah, do other people have a lot of new products on display?


    Customer: Yes, other people's XX brand is almost new;


    Shopping guide: Oh, sister Zhang, thank to you for reminding me, I have been telling our store manager to display all the new products. She said that the weather is not here, so I will put it in the warehouse first, and I am so angry, you should follow her Tell me, she still doesn't believe it;


    Store manager: Really, is the XX brand really about to have new products? Xiao A, please welcome Sister Zhang, and go to the warehouse to check the new products. Most of them, I have to go to the XX brand's home to see them;


    Shopping guide: Alright, alright, hurry up and replace all the stores with new ones at night! Sister Zhang, come, come and sit...


    Afterward, she selected a new model for Sister Zhang from the warehouse. Even if the store has already displayed samples, it doesn't matter. Just let the customer buy about 3 pieces.


    He also informed me that there are too many goods in the warehouse, and it is difficult to find the styles. This time, I can only try these pieces for Sister Liu. They will be displayed at night, and I will let Sister Zhang try more next week.


    In this way, it not only attaches great importance to the problems raised by customers but also does not disappoint customers and thinks that "your family is always slow to deliver goods", leaving yourself an opportunity to explain and remedy.


    After the customer leaves the store, how does the follow-up remedial work?


    Next, when customers leave the store, they must not leave the problem behind, but continue to make adjustments to address this problem and do the following:


    1. Look at the display area of competing brands:


    Check the entire floor or even the entire shopping mall's new product display area of competing brands, and write them down one by one. For example, brand B's new product display area is 75%.......


    1. Look at the proportion of new product sales:


    Count how many products were sold last week or the last 2 weeks, and how many are new products, accounting for 63% of the total number of products.


    1. Look at the display area of new products:


    Look at the number of goods poles (positions) in the audience. The new products account for several goods poles, and what percentage of them account for. For example, if the store has 10 poles of goods and 3 new products, the display area will be 30%. …


    1. Expand the display area of new products:


    Assuming that the display area of new products of all competing brands is more than 70%, then the new products of their own should be displayed at more than 70%, and the remaining 20% to 30% of the position can ensure that the number of used goods sold can be equal;




    How to increase the display area of new products when there are few new products?


    At the same time, when solving and remediating the problem of new products being slow, you will encounter a new problem.


    It is a fact that there are few new products. Under such circumstances, how can the display area of new products be increased to 70% of the whole store? Continue to look at the following two points.


    1. Repeated sampling of new product inventory:


    Repeated sampling of new products in stock, even all of them, can temporarily solve the feeling that new products seem to be less, and give people the impression that new products are updated quickly and have many options.


    1. Basic filling for used goods:


    Another way is to fill in the basic styles of old goods with new ones, such as black pants of similar thickness, skirts of similar styles or colors, etc.


    Through the filling of old goods and matching them with new goods, the whole shelf looks fuller and enhances customers' desire to choose and try on.


    In this way, when the display of new products is pulled to about 70% of the whole store, the whole new product remedial work is completed.

    The above is the correct operation for customers who think that the new products in the store are slow and there are few new products in the store. In many cases, the premise that a customer can report a problem to you is that she has a certain attitude toward your store.


    Therefore, in the actual communication, we must understand the customer's intention, carefully analyze the situation in our store, and actively make adjustments, to make customers satisfied and the rate of return getting higher and higher.