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If the clothing store's performance is not good

  • October 26, 2022 6:01 AM +0330

    The business of winter clothing stores is relatively poor, so there will be a wave of turmoil around the New Year, and the rest of the time is quiet. For the three seasons of spring, summer, and autumn, winter will be more special, because autumn clothes can be stacked in winter, and new ones are not so frequent in winter compared with other seasons. How can we make the store active in winter? Store owners, still have to spend some thought. Affected by the epidemic and the general environment, business in the clothing industry has not been good in recent years. Clothing bosses are all thinking about what to do if the performance of clothing stores is not good. How can we increase the sales of clothing stores?


    To revitalize the store, the bosses need to do the following:


    1. Because of the different seasons, the price will be higher than that of clothes in other seasons, so we need to consider your surrounding consumption when operating a new store.


    1. Winter clothing will have high requirements in all aspects. When choosing to clothe, everyone should pay attention to the selection of fabrics. If you choose the wrong one, the store is likely to suffer losses.


    1. Winter wool clothing must pay attention to the matching of styles. Personal experience is to choose between [A/N] and [A/X] so that the price range will be smaller, which can greatly improve your storefront Clothing style collocation, especially suitable for the use of medium stores.


    1. There are also many patterns of winter clothes. When choosing a style, you should not only feel that you can but also combine the wearing style of the surrounding consumer groups to ensure warmth and not appear cumbersome.


    1. It is best to locate the consumer group between 25-45. This type of consumer group will have stronger spending power and are more inclined to brick-and-mortar stores.


    1. On the display, warm tones can be positioned as the overall tone in winter. It will look warmer and the overall comfort will be doubled.


    1. Remove the color problem and try to match the clothes as effectively as possible. For some consumers, matching is a challenge. There are better matching models, and the combined purchase is more worry-free.


    Five ways to increase clothing store sales:


    1. The image of the store is very important


    Including windows, lighting, display, etc., the most important thing is the window. Here, it is particularly emphasized that many people think that the window is the model, and the model is the window. So I asked if you had changed the window, and you said you did. You just changed the model. In the window display, the model is relatively the least important part. So, what are the other components of the window? There are at least three more: props, background painting, lighting, and the model accounts for up to 20%. Therefore, we are moving from window display to window design. Models are changed at least once every 3 days, and windows are designed once a month (conditions allow).


    1. Make full use of the golden rank


    In fact, in the daily operation of the underwear store, the most important thing to improve the daily sales of the store is the sales ability of the golden position on the shelf. The position of the goods in the display is replaced by the upper, middle, and lower positions, and the superiority of the "upper" display position is obvious. This position is usually used to display high-margin goods, which is the so-called golden tier. If you can make full use of this segment, it can help increase sales.


    1. Widen the distance between the sales area and the delivery desk


    In the operation of daily underwear stores, we should also pay attention to the reasonable placement of products, which can greatly stimulate customers' desire to buy. The underwear storefront can be designed with a variety of long shopping channels to avoid customers from taking shortcuts to the cashier and the exit. When a customer walks around or looks for checkout, they may see other items that make a purchase. By increasing the distance between the sales area and the checkout desk, you can extend the sales time and increase sales opportunities.


    1. The goods are placed in a relatively fixed position


    In addition, during the operation of the underwear store, the products should be placed in a relatively fixed position, which can facilitate the purchase of old customers. Placing products in fixed locations can reduce the time customers spend looking for products. However, over time, it is easy to lose customers' attention to other items, and produce a sense of stale and dullness. Therefore, it is also possible to adjust the goods on the shelf after the goods have been placed for a period, which can bring freshness. Therefore, the fixed to the change of the commodity should be relative.


    1. Skillfully use the management tools of footwear and apparel retailing in the mobile Internet era


    Under the circumstance that "Internet +" has changed all walks of life, and under the circumstance that the O2O model has helped the transformation of various fields. In the era of mobile Internet, the management tool for shoe and clothing retailing, "Buybei", can be described as a powerful tool for improving the performance of clothing stores. Buying, relying on physical stores, provides shopping guides with practical customer management tools and mobile marketing tools to help shoe and clothing stores achieve performance improvement and service improvement! So, how does Maibai help clothing stores improve sales performance?


    Improve store customer flow: Maibai helps clothing stores acquire new customers at low cost and through Omni-channels through fission transmission. Each old customer brings you 5-10 new customers and increases store customer flow.


    Improve the conversion rate of entering the store: Maibai provides clothing stores with a variety of promotion combinations suitable for physical retail scenarios, improving the purchase conversion rate and joint rate, and at the same time tracking and analyzing real-time promotion effects to support marketing decisions.


    Improve customer repurchase rate: Maibai solves the problem of customer information retention in the store for clothing stores, establishes a contact channel between shopping guides and customers, and gives full play to the initiative of shopping guides to provide customers with one-to-one caring services and improve the repurchase rate.


    Member activation remarketing: Maibai builds a detailed member database for clothing stores, analyzes member attributes and behaviors, and tags member management to achieve precise member marketing and activate members to generate value.