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    I don recommend it. If you feel like you must soak the shoes, place newspapers inside them afterward and polish them when they are no longer moist. The three arches are the transverse, lateral, and medial arch. Manufacturers tailor their shoes to the playing styles of their sponsored players and this can be used to help with boot selection. Tim: There were hurdles that made it hard to get to my meetings. If it is subject to change, then I would thank them kindly and remember the model shoe you chose and get them elsewhere. It can also be very fun. This is currently the only app that offers such a feature and the price of $6 is a good investment. Set a sheet of white paper on top of the horseshoe. White computer paper works well. The history of shoes began more than 40,000 years ago with man's need to protect his feet from harm. Our ancestors required sturdy shoes to shield their feet from rocks, sand and harsh weather conditions. That's why people from Hoboken would find a trip to the "slums" of Mumbai interesting and would snap hundreds of photos without a moment's hesitation in order to capture every aspect they could of the area's nature. Who wouldn't visit an acoustic, classical guitar craftsman's shop in Seville? But have you thought about Golden Goose doing the same with makers of instruments like a Dulcimer, a Zither, a Harp, an Accordion, a Harmonica, Alpenhorn, or a Banjo? What do they manufacture locally? A photographic series on how a Cello is handcarved would be an enlightening and highly salable set of photos.