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Everything You Need To Know About Computer Networking

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    September 24, 2022 6:33 AM +0330

    Computer networking is an important skill for people who work in a technical field. A good understanding of computer networks can help you demonstrate knowledge that will make you a better candidate for certain positions. System administrators, network administrators, network technicians, and network engineers all need to know about networks.

    What is a computer network?
    Computer networks are a type of technology that requires skilled individuals to investigate, analyze, and solve how computer devices communicate with each other. A network engineer is a computer network specialist who ensures that computer devices are successfully connected to each other, creating a computer network. Computer networks consist of nodes that exchange information and resources to facilitate telecommunications.
    There are several computer networking occupations, including network administrator, network technician, and network engineer. Other titles such as systems engineer or systems administrator may fall under the category of computer networking. The field is experiencing growth due in part to the increasing demand for fully digitized businesses and more cloud computing opportunities.
    There are several disciplines that a computer networking professional must be proficient in. These include computer engineering, computer science, telecommunications and IT. Tools of the trade include switches, routers and knowledge of access points.
    Computer Networking Basics
    Below are some basic computer networking concepts that a networking specialist in Networking company Durban must know:
    • LAN vs. WAN
    • Clients and servers
    • DNS lookup and IP addresses
    • Ethernet
    • Standard gateway
    • Routers and switches
    LAN vs. WAN
    A local area network (LAN) is a network that connects computing devices in the same relative proximity. This can be an office building or a residential building where a local area network is required to share resources. A wide area network (WAN) is a network without geographical boundaries, based on DNS protocols and IP addresses.
    Clients and servers
    A server is simply a large computer that contains services, images, digital video, Internet protocols, and other things that a client can access. A client is a computer support Durban that contacts a server to access information and data. The client can be a home computer, a personal computing device such as a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, or even an entity such as a browser that interacts with an API.
    DNS query and IP addresses
    The Domain Naming System (DNS) is an essential part of the network infrastructure. This is because the DNS maps the domain name to an IP address. Therefore, when you type a domain name into the browser bar, you arrive at a web page because the DNS retrieves the IP address associated with the domain name.
    An IP address is basically a network address for any device that accesses the Internet. It is assigned to other things, such as email addresses, so that you can receive data, such as an email. The IP address associated with a particular email tells the Internet where to send the email when it performs the function of delivering an email.
    IP addresses can either be configured manually on a DNS server or they are received through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. In either case, they can be viewed by running IPCONFIG /ALL in Windows.
    In plain language, Ethernet is a protocol for LAN. It is a cable that consists of the necessary components to connect a computer device to a network, such as a network interface card (NIC). It is the most popular product for connecting LAN networks and has been the top choice for reliability and ease of use since the 1990s. Ethernet devices are easily identified by their MAC address. Using the Address Resolution Protocol (or ARP), network engineers can map an IP address to a MAC address, giving each computing device that connects to the Internet a unique identifier.
    Default gateway
    When your computer interacts with other computer devices that are not on your LAN, it does so by accessing a default gateway. The default gateway is accessed through a device called a router. Routers are important tools that network professionals use every day.
    Routers and Switches
    The purpose of a router is to forward traffic to IP subnets, as is the case when it provides a gateway for computing devices going from LAN to WAN networks. Routers can provide additional features, such as security add-ons like firewalls and advanced features with multi-port switches.
    Switches are used to connect computers to a LAN network. They work by switching frames based on the MAC address information they receive. Network administrators must be able to make both LAN and WAN connections. Routers and switches are an essential part of this task.
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