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Thin Porcelain Tile Panels

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    September 22, 2022 5:47 AM +0330

    What was initially perceived as a niche type product in the tile industry has become popular with millions of square feet manufactured, sold, and successfully installed.Get more news about Thin Porcelain Tile,you can vist our website!

    As porcelain tiles become larger, thinner, and stronger, the design potential explodes. Gauged porcelain tile panels (GPTP) range from 40 inches to 12 feet and are specified for an increasingly wide span of applications including walls and floors, indoor and outdoor, and even furniture. With recent material advances in these innovative products and the setting mortar has come new International Building Code standards to guide the proper specification and application of GPTP.
    This webinar brings together architects and industry experts to explore design opportunities and problem-solving potential that these forward-looking panels have made possible.
    Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the National Tile Contractors Association, will provide a broad overview of current and expanding applications for GPTP.

    Ameen Ayoub,Principal at AADS Architects will present a striking Beverly Hills residence where the light weight of GPTP helped him overcome an exterior design challenge.

    Steve Clem, principal at TVS Design, will present various interior projects where gauged porcelain tile panels played a major design role.

    Bill Griese, tile standards expert and LEED AP, will provide recent updates to the International Building Code. He will explain how advancements in materials, stronger mortars, and robust training and installation efforts helped to evolve the codes.
    Find the perfect waterproof flooring option for your space with our ceramic tile and porcelain tile options. Porcelain tile is an innovative product that is gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers. It is available in glazed and unglazed options as well as high-gloss or textured. Ceramic tile is a classic option that looks great in any space, and the options range from wood-look tiles to natural stone look, and more. Find your perfect tile today!