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First Bugatti Chiron Gets Vossen Forged Wheels

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    August 30, 2022 7:00 AM +0430

    First Bugatti Chiron Gets Vossen Forged Wheels

    Take Bugatti, for example. As of last month, they have built only 100 examples of the brand new Chiron. Think about that, because we bet there's a person at their HQ who knows a quarter of those owners by their first name.To get more news about Alloy wheels, you can visit official website.

    And we're curious what that person has to say about this aftermarket project. Miami-based Vossen Wheels has fitted a classic-looking blue Chiron with a set of custom-made alloy wheels. The result is a one-of-a-kind photo shoot.

    We still remember how about three years ago, a LaFerrari owner came to Vossen and asked for something from the Vossen Bespoke Design Program. Designed and manufactured exclusively for a single car, this was a big moment for the alloy maker, as they themselves admit.

    We remember thinking "that must be a hell of a Vossen fan to buy that for his LaFerrari." And he was... is. The same person now has a Bugatti Chiron. It's one of the most impressive cars ever made, with a total output of 1,500 horsepower and a price tag of $3 million before any options.

    We think the Chiron has a natural classic shape. It's not going to age like your regular hypercar. The exterior is a tasteful combination of two shades of blue covering that well-rounded body. It kind of looks like a VW Beetle in a way, which is goes well with the design of the Vossen wheels. It's like something you'd see at the Worthersee.

    "The Vossen Forged LC2 Series, and the Chiron seemed like the perfect pair. The LC2-C1, one of nine inner and outer face design combinations, blends a split-five initial look with an aggressive, directional twist. First polished, the wheel’s face was then brushed to create a masterful contrast of textures before being powder coated in our Light Smoke transparent finish option," says Vossen in a blog post.