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How To Prevent The Doll From Being Stained?

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    August 19, 2022 4:32 PM +0430

    Why Dolls Are Dyed

    Generally speaking, the severity of the Robot *** Dolls dyeing = the amount of dyeing pigment * contact time * pressure amount. The amount of dyeing pigment is generally related to the freshness of the clothes and the dyeing materials of the clothes. The older the clothes are, the more times they are washed, and the less dyeable materials are left. Therefore, the older the clothes are, the worse their dyeability is. The lighter the color of the clothes, the less dye that can be dissolved, and the less likely it is to be dyed. The more expensive the clothes, the less likely the dyes will be dissolved by baby skin oil, and the less likely they will be dyed.

    Skinny *** Dolls

    1. The duration of contact between the real doll and the clothes is also proportional to the severity of dyeing, so take off any clothes with dyeing risk immediately after taking photos.
    2. The pressure between a life size *** doll and the clothes it touches is also proportional to the dyeing. For example, if the same light and dark clothes are placed on the *** doll and placed under the bottom of the doll for the same time, the staining will be more serious when the bottom is pressed.


    How to avoid staining your doll

    The dyeing of Love Doll belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles. Attention to the above points can avoid the occurrence of dyeing as much as possible.
    1. Try to wear old clothes.
    2. Try to buy new clothes of good quality, and cheap clothes are the easiest to be dyed.
    3. If there are no old clothes and the economic conditions do not allow you to buy expensive clothes, please wash the new clothes with washing powder or washing powder for 5-8 times. If the water bubbles out and the color is no longer obvious, you can only consider changing the doll.
    4. Please do not press the cloth due to the weight of the doll. Please remember when posing with the doll.
    5. Change the clothes with dyeing risk immediately after taking photos to reduce the contact time.
    6. Consider giving a real doll as an integral sock to isolate external clothes. Or put a light cloth or meal paper on the place where the clothes are pressed. For example, most dark pajamas have contraction bands around the chest, where the pressure is much higher than other places, and it is particularly easy to get dirty, so you can put a white handkerchief or restaurant paper inside.

    If you sleep with your adult love doll, please note that your own sheets, quilt covers and pajamas are not easy to get dirty, but if they are light colored or very old, they will be fine.

    153cm *** Dolls

    In addition, oiling the doll is an irreversible physical process. The amount of oiling is not only related to the material formula of the doll, but also the temperature of the place where the doll is stored. The simple treatment method is to powder the doll in advance. First, it is for hand feeling, second, it is convenient to wear, and third, when the TPE Silicone *** Dolls is oily, talc powder will absorb and neutralize the grease.