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What is an LED Strip Light and how does it work?

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    May 26, 2022 5:47 PM +0430

    LED strip lights are a type of LED light that can be used in a strip or as individual lights. They can be used for accent lighting, mood lighting, or even to create stage effects. Although they are not as popular as other types of lamps, they have become more popular over the past few years due to their features and benefits.

    The LEDs in these lamps are contained in plastic strips that are connected together with a metal wire. The strips then sit on top of a metal frame which is often covered with fabric or wood. This design allows for the lamp to be flexible and bendable, which makes them ideal for use around objects such as furniture or plants without causing damage.

    Waterproof Led Strip Lightsare a type of light that has been around for a few decades now. They are used in many different areas, including commercial, industrial, residential, and outdoor lighting. They can be seen as the next generation of fluorescent lights.