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You need to change your posture at work

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    April 29, 2022 12:10 PM +0430

    Standing for long periods of time can cause health problems for employees if proper precautions are not taken. While upright is a natural human position, maintaining the body in an upright position at all times requires a lot of muscle strength, especially in the back, neck, and leg areas.
    In many sectors and occupations, standing up is essential to the proper development of the mission. Many retail businesses are examples of this, as are security guards, museum guards, and even health professionals such as lab technicians or nurses.
    What are the risks when working standing up? What preventive measures can alleviate this? Let's take a closer look.

    Risks of standing work

    Standing work can cause serious damage to health if performed in a disorderly manner and without observing minimum ergonomic guidelines. Therefore, it is best to protect employees and provide them with the tools and knowledge so that they can protect themselves from any posture or movement that damages their health. For office workers, standing desks are a good choice.Swollen veins can turn into varicose veins in the long run, rheumatic conditions from ligament and tendon damage, joint wear and tear, muscle tension and circulation problems are just some of the risks involved in standing work. For this reason, it is important to focus on ergonomics in these jobs.

    Precautions for standing work and staying healthy

    The main precautions for standing work include:
    1. Use work furniture correctly. Make sure the table is the correct height(a height adjustable desk is recommended), the ergonomic cushions have the specified thickness to provide the necessary comfort, and that the clothes and work shoes are really optimal and comfortable for the day job.
    2. Use footrests and booster seats to rest.
    3. Take short breaks to stretch and relax the muscles most affected by standing work.
    4. Rest your legs and feet at home and elevate them temporarily to avoid straining
    5. Likewise, it is recommended to have two pairs of comfortable shoes, rotate different shoes each day, change the pressure points, and avoid forcing the muscles in the same way every day.

    If you want to work in a standing position, the best way to do it is to choose an electric standing desk that suits you.The FEZiBO standing desk was born under the idea of minimal design in pursuit of maximum comfort. Minimize design and maximize comfort. Powered standing desks use a practical, eco-friendly tabletop, and the one-piece design makes assembly easier and the tabletop sturdier. By offering up to 8 colors and 4 sizes, you can design your desk to your liking to get the perfect desk for your daily work and life. Best of all, the laminate withstands pressure well, is eco-friendly and affordable. Eco-friendly and durable bamboo table tops support sustainable consumption and production patterns.

    Smooth lines and unique design shapes demonstrate the perfect combination of experience and aesthetics. The four table corners are specially designed with a curvature to prevent you and anyone you love from being hurt by the sharp corners of the table. Square tabletops offer deeper depth and a full-board design, making the tabletop more spacious and seamless for more secure carrying of work and living items. Two cable grommets are used to manage wires or wires on the standing desk to provide a clean and organized work environment.

    Features of the Best Desks for Standing Work

    These must mainly be made of wood, bamboo or glass and must be fully adjustable. The best standing benches have a gas system to help them adapt to the ideal height. They also feature a wide surface that allows you to comfortably place your workday tools and equipment within easy reach. On the other hand, the best stand-up benches have systems that hide cables, keeping them looking good and avoiding possible accidents or trips due to wiring.

    Modern glass standing desks are a great choice for modern environments. They find a modern look and sleek design that complements your home's interior. Equipping your home office with a glass desk can add a professional look to your home workstation and enhance your focus.
    Since they are transparent, glass desks appear lightweight and not bulky. The desk is unobtrusive and adds a touch of minimalism to the room. They come in different styles to complement your interior. Plus, glass desks can be paired with other materials like metal and wood to complement your home office decor. Glass desks are easy to clean compared to wood desks that get dirty and hard to clean. You can clean them simply by wiping with a soft cloth and cleaning solution. After cleaning, they look gleaming with no stains or debris on the surface.

    Ergonomic posture for standing work

    To work standing up, ideally keep your feet in front of the workbench and your body centered and in front of the work material. The table must have a height depending on the work to be done (heavy, light or precise) and the body must be as close to it as possible.
    The ideal position for standing work is to avoid a forward leaning posture that creates a curve in the upper spine and forces the neck to remain bent forward; therefore, the height of the table is a crucial aspect.

    wooden standing desk

    Correct posture is essential for ergonomics in a standing workplace

    Good posture is essential to ergonomics in a standing workplace. You must have enough space so that you can change your location at any time. It is always recommended to have a piece of furniture, such as a table or sideboard, so that workers can support themselves when needed. Again, it's important to keep the person you're working with close to the body so that it doesn't create a forced posture. The height of the supporting furniture must be adapted to the height of the employee; this is why a piece of height-adjustable furniture (both a electric and a crank standing table are ok ) is the best choice for these situations. It is also highly recommended to place footrests or footrests on the bottom of the furniture. Using this option, you can change the distribution and balance effort of your weight load.
    Whenever possible, employees should have a chair or stool nearby to rest during breaks to recover. If that's not possible, you'll have to walk around the area to relieve the tension that builds up from standing for long periods of time.

    Tips for resting and relaxing after a day at work on your feet

    1. Put your feet high, higher than your body height.
    2. Avoid extra physical labor, including standing.
    3. Buy yourself a pair of elastic stockings with gel to relieve leg fatigue!
    4. Be prepared to take a salt water or hot water bath and supplement it with a cold bath to reduce swelling in the legs and promote muscle relaxation.

    So far, articles about working while standing. We hope you like it and it will be helpful to all those who need to stand for long periods of time. Thank you so much for reading our content!