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Trading on Coinexx Platform, a Review

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    March 17, 2022 5:21 AM +0330

    Blockchain technology has immense potential, not because it fuels cryptocurrencies but because it has the ability to remove friction, streamline and speed up processes. The technology’s first use case, Bitcoin outgrew its original premises and opened avenues for many more potential use cases. Thus, Coinexx was born with the belief that integrating blockchain with forex can redefine the way people invest and trade.To get more news about coinexx review, you can visit official website.

    Coinexx is highly flexible and robust platform that offers digital contracts to mainstream and cryptocurrency traders from around the globe. These unique contracts allow it to offer tight spreads and superior liquidity on a variety of instruments ranging from forex, commodities, global stock indices to cryptocurrencies. By implementing blockchain technology in its forex trading operations, the broker has not only managed to eliminate operational inefficiencies & costs but also measurably improve client experience.

    Coinexx is well aware of traders’ fascination with digital currencies and therefore offers a unique portal to navigate the forex markets through cryptocurrency.They aim to simplify, declutter and streamline all activities related to trading and give their customers a smooth matchless experience. Coinexx’s interface has been designed in a meticulous way to keep it user-friendly so that the clients are not scrambling to figure out where to click. It caters to all sorts of trader regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader. You can easily choose what you would like to trade from forex, indices, and commodities to cryptos. You can open a demo account or a live account with equal ease.

    In order to enable you to keep a healthy track of your trades, there is an exclusive section on their website which you can easily access to check your account balance, equity, realized and unrealized profit/loss, free margin and trade history.

    Anonymity and Security

    Being developed as a use case of the blockchain, the broker swears by anonymity and security, and traders don’t need to go through the verification formalities to set up an account. They can simply sign up with a valid e-mail address. Interestingly enough, the account set up form asks personal details but it is not mandatory for users to fill all the details except the email. The broker argues that some clients request to be contacted on a periodic basis so they’ve left it open for the user to decide whether they want to furnish the information or not.

    When it comes to security, the broker claims to hold 100% of clients funds in cold wallets utilizing the most secure cryptographic measures. To avoid compromising the safety, the wallet private keys are never linked online & are secured in offline devices. And for same security reasons, the broker processes all withdrawals manually, keeping customers funds secure and defeating all attempts of tempering.

    Trading Platform & Conditions

    Coinexx utilizes MetaTrader 5 (MT5) to bring together multiple asset class including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The broker offers trading exclusively on MT5 and traders can choose from MT5 desktop, web and mobile versions. Coinexx recognizes the potential benefits of leverage products and offers up to 500:1 leverage across all instruments barring cryptocurrencies which are limited to 5:1 leverage. They also allow a trader to wager on micro lots, as less as 0.01 which is yet another distinction of the platform. The broker does not believe in pinning down its clients’ trading habits and allows them to trade more autonomously by allowing all trading styles.

    The broker’s deposit and withdrawal process is one of the fastest with deposits being instant and withdrawals processed within 24 hours. All transaction-related processes are expedited with consummate proficiency and zero transaction costs.

    Apart from this, the traders can deposit and withdraw in more 25 cryptocurrencies, giving them an edge over their competitors. The broker has a strict no fiat policy, meaning they do not accept deposits in fiat currencies.
    Customer Support

    When it comes to crypto forex trading platforms, an excellent customer support service is a must. Majority of crypto forex brokers choose to remain anonymous and choose to keep the communication one way, to say the least, when it comes to client and broker relationship. And with Coinexx, they provide 24/5 live chat support, email support and call back on request to their customers, unlike any of the other brokers out there.


    A common colloquialism is that disruptors in any space need to be 10 times better than competitors to succeed. And Coinexx is not only better but different. The broker has risen to the occasion by identifying the handicaps in the forex and existing crypto market, working day in and out to make the entire trading process as simple and hassle-free as possible, with transparency of trades and policies, instantaneous transactions, innovative, customized digital trading solutions and keeping transaction costs to the bare minimum. An innovative broker with a lot of potential!