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"Hair loss is patchy" disease is not

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    “Patchy hair loss” is a disease that is not life threatening. But has quite a lot of psychological effects Because it is about beauty, confidence and socialization of many people

    How is patchy hair loss?
    Asst. Prof. Rattapol Thuangthong, Asst. Prof. Supenyavarothai and Dr. Darunporn Triwongworanat, Department of Hair Diseases and Hair Transplant Department of Dermatology Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital provides the following information:

    Patchy hair loss Is a common cause of Acute patchy hair loss Sometimes it can occur on hairs in other areas of the body, such as eyebrows and mustaches. It is caused by inflammation under the scalp. This inflammation does not permanently destroy hair follicles. Therefore, after the disease has subsided, the hair or hair will be able to regenerate.

    hair Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University

    Types of alopecia

    Patchy hair loss Can be divided by location and severity as follows

    Alopecia areata (AA): Hair loss patches on the head or hair loss on the eyebrows. Mustache hairs on the face or body

    Alopecia totalis (AT): Total head hair loss.

    Alopecia universalis (AU): Head and body hair, such as armpit hair, total loss of pubic hair.

    This disease is not life threatening. But has a rather large impact on beauty Therefore, it may have psychological effects, especially in alopecia universalis, which is the most severe. And is the least responsive to various treatments

    Hair loss risk groups
    Patchy hair loss Can occur in both males And females equally. Average age is about 30 years, however. The disease can develop at any age. The average incidence is 1 in 1000 people, or about 2%.

    Symptoms of patchy hair loss
    Patients will have hair loss, circular patches, clear boundaries

    Location of hair loss It can happen in many locations.

    They usually occur within a few weeks.

    Most people do not have any symptoms, but may experience itching or burning first in the area where the disease occurs. This disease usually occurs on the head.

    Hair loss may occur elsewhere on the body where hairs are present (eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches, armpits, or pubic hair).

    Short stumps of hair may be found attached to the scalp in the edge of the growing lesion. Because the newly created hair is brittle and deformed

    Hair loss may be acute. Or be gradual

    Some patients may also have nail disorders. By symptoms that the nails may be brought before birth at the same time or after hair loss. The most common nail disorder is the appearance of small pits on the surface of the nail plate.

    What causes patchy hair loss?
    The exact cause of hair loss is unknown. Only know that there is a malfunction in the body that destroys the pores.

    However, if the disease has subsided, the hair follicles can continue to regenerate as normal hair.

    Diseases that may be found in conjunction with patchy hair loss are thyroiditis, white vitriol or allergy group.

    20% of patients with patchy hair loss Will also have a family history of this disease Medical experts therefore believe that genetic factors May be involved in the development of this disease. Direct relatives who have a person in their home may have a slightly higher risk of developing it.

    How to diagnose patchy hair loss
    Doctors can diagnose patchy hair loss. By examining the nature of hair loss Some patients with unclear lesions or suspected other conditions The doctor will request a biopsy of the lesion. To send pathology examination This will help confirm the diagnosis.

    If there is patchy hair loss problem Able to consult at the nearest hospital or hair disease clinic and hair transplant surgery. Department of Dermatology Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Tel. 02-4199801 to schedule an examination Special clinic after office hours

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