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How to Fix AOL Error AC 3000

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    December 1, 2020 4:34 PM +0330

    AOL Error Code AC 3000 is a common technical error related to the server that prevents a user from sending or receiving messages. Here what you need to do to fix the problem:

    Step 1: Save your data and then reboot your computer and log in again.

    Step 2: Open your email client or app and go to the settings section.

    Step 3: Review the configuration settings you entered to set up AOL Mail.

    Step 4: Scan your computer and check for any virus or malware.

    If the error persist then you have no choice but to call the AOL Email Customer Care Phone Number and ask for help. Once you call the customer care number you will be able to speak directly to an expert to fix the issue.

    Read more: - AOL Email Customer Support

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