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Colored thermal paper - Differentiate your company

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    December 1, 2020 1:57 PM +0330

    That we live in an audiovisual society is something that any of us is more than used to hearing. But when deciding how we are going to adapt even the most insignificant of the elements that we use in our company to “differentiate ourselves” from the competition, we may not take into account some influential details.

    And this has been shown by several studies on the effects of color on the confidence, professionalism, perception of quality, and other values ​​in our potential customers.

    The use of a colored thermal paper for tickets may seem, at first impression, somewhat unimportant. But it is there, in details like this, in which our customers can place their trust for the next purchase, save in their visual memory where they bought, what, and when. Strengthening the corporate image if we use color to identify our brand (the telephone companies, supermarkets, and long etcetera serve as an example).

    Likewise, any businessman with minimal knowledge of the importance of "the visual", of color and the need for uniformity in the use of color in all departments of his business, from the uniform, signage, or advertising, should know that it is necessary to incorporate the new products that the market offers and that can complete this intense work that, in short, consists of staying in the memory of customers with the aim of making them come back.
    And suddenly, a simple ticket that clearly identifies our business and that, together with the purchase, the customer saves, achieves a marketing work beyond what we can initially imagine.

    Studies on the importance of using colored thermal paper for tickets nowadays are available in countless specialized pages of computerized magazines, and even, studies of different universities and can be found on the Internet. They all come to the same conclusion: "the color remains on the retina and memory and sensations are active."

    In an increasingly complicated market, with the voracious competition, and more demanding customers, there is no choice but to differentiate in an intelligent way, so that, without one or the other noticing, your business remains in that memory of the that we have talked about. Color Thermal Paper
    TicketsThey does not keep differences in terms of quality or characteristics compared to the white one, known all over the world, but there are endless differentiating elements of that classic ticket.

    Color offers sensations, is “recorded” in memory, gives confidence, a professional image, and attention to detail, it is a constant reference to the company (especially if it has to be kept as a guarantee of purchase), it is graphic advertising and, in Ultimately, it can help you achieve greater loyalty and better results in your business.

    If you still do not know the colored thermal paper tickets, you may soon see them in a supermarket in your neighborhood, or in a large area.

    And if you have a company and you want to distinguish yourself from your competition, or you simply want to leave a mark in the memory of your customers, dare to use the new colored thermal paper.

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    December 4, 2020 8:22 AM +0330

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