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Sufficient nutrients and food that should

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    June 26, 2020 10:08 AM +0430


    Important foods that should be eaten sufficient to prevent the severity of menopause symptoms include Foods rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, gamma linolenic acid, isoflavones, or plant estrogen And carbohydrates Which will help relieve irritability and easy throws The foods that Japanese people recommend to eat regularly during the old age and into menopause include Small fish, yogurt, cheese, green and yellow leafy vegetables, brown rice, blue fish such as sardines, O fish, Saba fish or Mackerel of Thailand Soybeans and Soybean Products, Black Sesame, Wakame Seaweed, Liver and Nuts etc. For more details, click now. >> pg

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    July 30, 2020 1:40 PM +0430

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