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    February 20, 2020 1:14 PM +0330

    TruBodx Keto few months this was obviously very confusing to dr. Sims but he had a new hypothesis and wanted to test it so next up was taking skinny people making a fad and taking fat people and making him skinny entirely through calorie theory by the way he stopped them when the two groups were the same weight and found that exactly what we should expect at this point the previously skinny people were burning double the calories that the previously fat people were the people slowed their metabolism and it will likely remain slow for a long long time and the skinny people sped their metabolism up and because of that once the study was over they both slowly return to their original weight this all points to one half of the modern-day theory of weight gain and obesity it's not so much calories in calories out it's more so as dr. Jason Fung a world leader in weight loss metabolic and diabetic health science as he puts it think of your body weight as a setpoint like the temperature on a thermostat it gets too hot or too cold the thermostat kicks in and returns the house to the original temperature likewise your body has a set point for its total fat if it goes above that it starts activating things speeding up your metabolism to bring it back down