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  • Speaking of physical silicone dolls, many people still remember the doll with a well-behaved round face that the little girl is holding in her hands. In Japan, Dongguan smart doll doll factory direct dolls have become standard "adult toys".

    Nowadays, people's thinking is more open, so they can accept more physical WM Doll. Maybe in the past, people were not able to accept this kind of goods, because China’s folk customs are relatively simple, and the Chinese people’s thinking is also relatively old, they can’t easily accept this task, so for this kind of goods At the beginning of China, it could not be implemented because many people could not accept this kind of goods.

    After you buy a physical doll, you may be worried that what you are buying is a counterfeit and inferior product, because the texture we use will have some differences. It is also very simple to distinguish its authenticity. There are some Dongguan physical doll manufacturers. The product itself comes with a QR code.

    The following will be popularized by the Dongguan smart entity doll manufacturer. The production and processing technology of physical doll manufacturers is becoming more and more advanced. Nowadays, physical dolls are very close to real people both in appearance and function. The physical dolls produced by Dream Couples use alloy materials for bones that are very similar to real people, and they can also generate heat when used.

    With the increase in demand for physical dolls, today the Dongguan physical Real *** Doll manufacturers share some issues that should be paid attention to when choosing physical dolls.

    In recent years, more and more men and women have become older and unmarried, and these people also have special needs. The emergence of inflatable dolls can just meet the needs of these special groups. Therefore, it has promoted the brand of Dongguan entity doll manufacturers. The sales market for inflatable dolls has risen sharply. When faced with a dazzling array of inflatable doll brands, how can we choose a better inflatable doll? What issues should be paid attention to when choosing such products?

    Inflatable dolls for girls are generally shaped like girls with a vagina and an open mouth; inflatable Japanese *** Doll for strong men who love inflatable dolls are in the shape of strong men and are mainly sold to women and gay men. Stepping into the 21st century, *** inflatable dolls are made of gel with shape memory. In recent years, there have also been inflatable dolls made of resin, which have the same touch as real human skin and muscles, and have spherical joints that can perform different movements. The technological development of the robot manufacturing industry now makes people believe that *** mechanical inflatable dolls will one day be manufactured and sold. At present, manufacturers have introduced this concept. Dongguan inflatable doll manufacturers have produced some prototypes of *** mechanical inflatable dolls that can change body temperature and heartbeat.

    First of all, judge how to choose from your height and weight. For example, you are 178 and 80, so it is recommended that you choose 163-165 TPE *** Doll to match.

    Of course it’s just an example." Speaking of inflatable dolls, I believe that some more avant-garde people are not unfamiliar with it. There are even some men who become beneficiaries of these products in order to be able to solve their special needs in their daily lives.


    In recent years, the market for inflatable dolls has developed unprecedentedly, so many manufacturers continue to create inflatable Love Doll of various types and effects, resulting in uneven market prices for inflatable dolls. What are the main differences in the price of inflatable dolls? Why are there so many price differences in inflatable dolls sold in the market?

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Love Dolls Have Shape Memory Function