4 Unique Way To Make Computer Run Faster

  • If you've owned your PC for at least a year, you probably find yourself in the vast majority of PC users who are frustrated with all the speed and performance of their PC.

    Many PC owners (Windows-based servers) are frustrated with the functionality of their computer within 6 to 12 months. And imagine how frustrated people who have been with their computers for more than two to five decades can be? These people wonder how I can make my computer faster for many years, not just weeks or days.

    Below, I want to show you ways to get your PC faster. You will find many different things you can do, but these three will undoubtedly offer you the best investment for your dollar.

    4 steps to make your computer faster


    1) Remove strong software

    One of the fastest ways to clog up a computer and allow it to be slow and lethargic is to fill this up with a host of heavy and unnecessary software. Here is a list of heavy software that I generally remove from client computers:

    McAfee AntiVirus: Just because this article claims to protect your PC from viruses doesn't mean it's the right product for you. Many people never use McAfee completely. But because it is installed on your PC, it performs a lot of unnecessary procedures that operate in the background, Thus McAfee slows computer to a crawl and lethargic.

    This 1 program is made up of approximately 10 or more matches, all of which start and process in the background. Again, this causes a massive drag on your own PC. Toolbars are absolutely worse at sucking up your computer tools and executing substantial amounts of procedures that consume your computer tools.

    You might be wondering why you would recommend removing "McAfee". After all, McAfee doesn't keep the computer virus free? Below, in the section where I discuss how to run Google Chrome, you will learn why McAfee is unnecessary. So for now just trust me, remove McAfee from your PC.

    2) Selective start


    That's much more than optimizing your startup, however every Windows PC has what is called selective startup. What I do in many cases is simply disable everything but the "essential Windows" applications to start as soon as your computer starts up.

    By taking care of all the applications except those that are essential for Windows, it really frees up a considerable amount of computing tools. Because finally, apps that don't start are essentially idle until you tell them to wake up (just start the app you want).

    Here's how to optimize your demanding startup applications:

    • In the menu, type "msconfig" (without quotes) in the text bar of this window that appears once you click "Run ..." and then click "OK".
    • Instructions for Windows Vista and Windows 7: see "start" (lower left corner)> in the search bar directly above the "start" button, then type the phrase "msconfig" (without quotes), you will see the "msconfig "alternately look in the search results> click" msconfig "on the menu.
    • Click "Selective startup" and evaluate the bubble that says "Use original BOOT.INI
    • Click on the "Services" tab (second tab on the right).

    When you click on the "Services" tab, you should now see that:

    As soon as you have the "Services" tab, click on the box to choose the alternative "Hide all Microsoft services". Now it will reveal only the programs on your computer that are not Microsoft Services.

    At this point, you want to uncheck each of these providers, or simply click "Deactivate All". You are not eliminating or hindering the ability of those programs to operate. It is just telling your computer never to run the applications until you request it. This can free up a considerable amount of tools from your computer because 99 percent of the time, the default setting for each software is to start at startup. We want to disable this and prevent your computer from having to process each of these unnecessary programs.

    3)  Install & Run Google Chrome


    This is an important step in improving the overall performance of your computer, and is linked directly to an Internet browser. I place this under the umbrella of "computer functionality" as it is with many computer users, the moment you hand over your PC, you instantly enter the global network. Therefore, it is vital to use an Internet browser that is safe, efficient, and blazingly fast.

    Remember before I said remove McAfee (or some other antivirus software you might have running)? Very well Google Chrome does this potential. Therefore, if you are running Google Chrome, you will not only find a dramatic increase in speed and functionality, but you will also have the ideal protection against viruses, spyware and adware, without the need to carry out additional anti virus software.

    You will know that you have installed it correctly when you find the welcome screen in Google Chrome.

    4) Update RAM


    All you have to understand is that RAM is 100% responsible for the processing speed of your PC. So once you have clicked too many icons, you have started many procedures, or your personal computer is crashing, freezing or frustrating as it is not moving fast enough; all of the above procedures are limited by their own RAM.

    It stands to reason that the best way to improve your computer's performance is to increase your computer's RAM. Give it more RAM and your computer has more funds today to process commands faster. And as I said, it really is the most essential step to make your computer run faster.

    To increase your computer's RAM, you must first buy more RAM on your PC.

    Most machines have been shipped new from manufacturers with just 50 percent of their maximum allowed RAM capacity. This generally implies that you can double the RAM on your computer, in nature, doubling the speed and power of your computer by simply maximizing your computer's RAM.

    After the scan is complete (just take a couple of seconds), you will see a log that tells you how much RAM your computer has and the maximum amount of RAM your computer> will also offer you a list of recommended RAM to buy .

    First make sure that Essential scanned your computer correctly and is revealing the correct brand and version of the computer (for example a Dell Dimension 2400). Then I suggest going with the best-recommended RAM merchandise.

    You can make the purchase directly from Vital. Or what I do is locate the version number in RAM and go to Amazon.com, where it is generally cheaper to buy it.