New World Closed Beta

  • New World Closed Beta

    As we prepare for our September 28 launch, we’re eager to welcome players to the shores of Aeternum during our Closed Beta test. We’re excited to share all the new features and content we’ve added since the Preview Event last summer, such as beautiful and dangerous new Territories, Expeditions, Outpost Rush, new weapons, and many more quests, adventures, and activities for players to experience throughout the world. We’re proud of the changes and updates to New World, and we want your help to make it the best it can be. We would like to invite eligible participants to play New World and share their experiences and feedback during the Closed Beta.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

    Expect a message from Game Director Scot Lane on July 20 at 9:00AM PT (4:00PM UTC) with information about the updates and changes made to New World and what you’ll experience in Closed Beta. Make sure to follow our Twitch channel and stay tuned for news on our first Developer livestream closer to launch.Players are eligible to participate in the Closed Beta through three methods: you can sign up for the chance to get into Closed Beta or you can pre-order the game on either Amazon or Steam to secure access.

    We will randomly select participants from the tester sign-up page at regular intervals throughout Closed Beta. If you've signed up, be sure to check your email throughout the testing period to see if you receive an invite.

    Players who pre-order on Amazon by July 17 at 11:59PM PT (6:59AM UTC) will receive an invite on July 19. Pre-orders on Amazon after July 17 will receive an invite up to 48 hours after order confirmation.

    If you have been invited to the Closed Beta through the tester sign-up page or pre-ordered on Amazon, you will receive a Steam Key that can be redeemed through your Steam Library. If you need instructions for activating a key in Steam, please follow the link here for more information. Once your key is redeemed you should see "New World Closed Beta" in your Steam Game Library to download. From there, you should be able to log in and play during the duration of the Closed Beta.Yes, during the Closed Beta you are allowed to share, record, or broadcasting any Beta content or gameplay. We also welcome your feedback on our Official Beta Forums. Check out our Content Usage Policy to learn more.

    Yes, you can capture footage of the Closed Beta to use at a later date. However, there will be changes and updates between Closed Beta and launch that may cause captured content to be inaccurate or out of date.