because you really could not stop staring at her beautiful dres

  • Deep down in Alicia’s heart,Nogometni Dresovi she really enjoyed all the attention and wrote “Stop Staring!” as a joke.

    Also,Dresovi when she first started sewing, her style was very punk rock mixed with vintage, so she considered herself very anti fashion! So as her sewing skills improved, so did her clientele base. At first Alicia was just selling dresses to friends, but soon the word got around, and even boutique owners wanted to see her collection. At the time, Alicia did not even know what a collection was, let alone sell to stores. She decided to show her dresses to one of the boutique owners on Melrose, who had contacted her. Next thing you know, Alicias designs were the number 1 seller in that boutique. Word got around, and more and more boutiques began to call her. 

    Its interesting to note though,Dres that when Alicia started to sell to boutiques, most of her styles were punk and club wear inspired by 1960s retro. But as a designer, Alicia has always marched to the beat of her own drum. So when Alicia got bored with the 1960s era, she started designing dresses inspired by the 1950s. This is when her collection really took off! Soon, just about every vintage store in California, was calling her to stock her 50s vintage inspired dresses! Alicia was one of the first designers to really focus her line of clothing based on the 1950s look. She named her dress line Stop Staring! because you really could not stop staring at her beautiful dresses