by adding fabric down the underarms

  • Alicia Estrada began her clothing company 17 years ago, Levné Fotbalové Dresy with the idea to create vintage inspired dresses for all shapes and sizes.The idea to actually do this, came by accident and out of necessity, rather than a business plan, like they always say necessity is the mother of invention.

    During Alicia’s high school and college years ,Dresy Alicia would often visit thrift stores combing the racks and looking for 1950s, and 1960s style dresses. To Alicia’s surprise, most of the vintage dresses were actually in size small or extra small. Alicia has always been a bigger gal with curves, and therefore could hardly ever find vintage clothing that actually fit her.

    So early on, Alicia began to alter the smaller retro dresses, by adding fabric down the underarms, and side seams to make the dresses actually fit. Soon afterwards, Alicia took her sewing skills to another level and not only began to alter retro clothing, but began to actually make her own drapes and patterns. Alicia did not have an actual dress form to drape on, so she just draped the dresses on her sisters, since they were all pretty much the same size. Soon everywhere she went, she was getting attention. Thats where the name “Stop Staring!” came from. While in college, she would make clothing out of any fabric and materials she could find. She made skirts and dresses out of bottle caps, and shower curtains. It was a very creative time and Alicia enjoyed the creative expression of making her own clothing. Soon everyone began to stop and stare at her,Dres so as a joke she painted in black “STOP STARING!” across the back of one of her homemade skirts