Kathryn Stockett

  • When I first spoke of detesting Kathryn Stockett’s The Help,Billige Fodboldtrøjer I got a lot of pushback from people who loved the book. I couldn’t help but think of how much freedom she stole from the narrative of the very people she claimed to write about. Her story presented one more White Savior that I couldn’t abide.Fodboldtrøjer Friends who liked the book told me I didn’t know what good writing was and assumed that I was nit-picking a work of fiction in an unfair way. I vehemently disagreed.
    I learned it means that you can’t make people happy all the time.Trøjer Not just because you’re telling an unflattering story about them or have skirted the rules of libel. It just means that you’ve stepped back and told a more universal story. The freedom in that actually expands the world instead of contracting our views. It puts the narrative back where it should rest: with the primary source