stuck in consumption

  • I know so many of us are stuck in consumption mode… Billige Fodboldtrøjer First thing you do in the morning is look at your phone and either check your email or look at Instagram. (Comment below if you’re guilty – no shame!) And I feel that consuming other influencers’ content usually puts us in a mindset of envy or competitive spirit from a negative source rather than inspiration – both of which I despise.Trøjer I rarely have time to consume these days, but if you’re stuck in this poor cycle of consumption, my advice would be to stop consuming the captions and experiences.

    Instead, dive head first into the comments section.Fodboldtrøjer This applies to blog and Facebook posts as well. There is so much to be learned from an audience of consumers. Find out what questions people are asking in your niche. Every time a follower or newcomer asks a question, that’s cue for you to write a valuable blog post or create meaningful content. The best part about answering questions for your niche is that you know your audience is already interested in the topic of your expertise. Learn the vocabulary they’re using and cater your content to them just as you would a resume for a job.