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  • Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) https://www.classicledlight.com/
    is expected to take over high-output stadiums and stage lighting. "The stadium lighting market is expected to grow by nearly $200 million by 2023, up to $622.2 million."

    The driving factor used is the cost per lumen. Lumen measurement light, traditional watt measurement is only for power users. The cost of improvement per lumen is driven by more efficient LEDs and cheaper fixtures. LEDs in large outdoor luminaires range from 80 lumens in 2013 to average watts, reaching an average of 130 lumens per watt by 2018. The cost of watts for high-output luminaires is declining, and the street price in 2018 is now $1.36 per watt. Saving energy, upfront costs are an obstacle to entry. According to reports, due to high efficiency, cost reduction and versatility, LED public lighting is making progress in the field of stadiums and stage lighting.

    A few years ago, LED lights hit the professional sports market, and their bases in this market continued to increase. The NFL Bowl competition was introduced to LED public lighting in 2015. In the same year, the Major League Baseball began to adopt LED public lighting. The Petra Park of the San Diego Padres is one of the first stadiums to switch to LED lights in 2016. The Major League Baseball needs a very bright playing field with a minimum of 250 foot candles and 200 foot candles in the interior. In contrast, the average parking lot is about 10-20 feet of candlelight.

    If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting https://www.classicledlight.com/
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LED Public Lighting Is Expected to Take Over The Stadium