The game is Jaguar familiar routine

  • Came to Jaguar's third game, Lambo and the old lightning accidentally met. Jaguar defensive this season, but a strong lack of offensive stability, the first 6 games are to win a lose a rhythm. After winning the Indianapolis Colts and the Cincinnati Tigers a year before and after the rounds, they made their first straight streak this season, rewriting their record to Madden Mobile Coins 5-3. The main battle face lightning, their goal is clear, is to win the game to continue to play the impact of the playoffs seat. The Lightning won a three-game winning streak after a four-game losing streak in the opening game. Despite defeat to the defending champion New England Patriots last week, the record of 3 wins and 5 losses still retains a hint of the playoffs.

    The game is Jaguar familiar routine, the main quarterback Blake - Bolts Although sent in the third quarter touchdown and complete the conversion of two points to chase the score 14, but the key in the fourth quarter last 2 He almost ruined the game by throwing two notches in a minute. Fortunately, the Jaguar defensive team enough to force, after two were intercepted, they were used to create the off the ball and strike out for the team to get the ball back. For Rambo, the game is also a bit tough, he was blocked in the first quarter an additional minute shots. To make matters worse, the long-teeing hand Matt - Ao Weidun in the fourth quarter because of a shoulder injury, the Jaguar had enabled full-time Tommy - Bo Annon and backup center Taylor - Sauterry, respectively, as an abandoned kick and shot Kick-off work. The last quarter of the fourth quarter, the offensive team won the team 34 yards shot position, Rambo withstand pressure overnight, the game dragged into overtime.