If the Irish Warriors lose to the Hurricanes

  • This Saturday, U.S. local time most of the 11th week of the NFL football match will start. All eyes on the United States will focus on the evening ranked third in the United States, the Notre Dame Irish Warriors against the current No. 7 in the US University of Miami hurricanes competition. The result of Madden Mobile Coins this game will have a tremendous impact on the triple playoff rankings announced next Tuesday.

    If the Irish Warriors lose to the Hurricanes, then the University of Washington Eskimo Dogs and the University of Wisconsin Badgers will be the biggest beneficiaries. Because, as long as Notre Dame continues to qualify for the playoffs semi-finals selected by the NFL playoffs selection committee, then there will be at least two of the five major allies will have no team appeared in the playoffs this season The stage. And as long as Notre Dame lost the ball this weekend, the playoffs would open to the other team. Perhaps it will be the second team to come from the Atlantic Coast League team - the Miami Hurricanes; perhaps it will come from the Twelve school league - the University of Oklahoma Jeer Foster team or Texas Christian The University Horned Frog Team; Probably, it will be the only unimpired Wisconsin Badger team in the ten school alliance; and perhaps, if the University of Washington Eskimo Dogs are unbeaten in the rest of the season There are also opportunities for death.