Lionel Messi denticulate 12 goals in La Liga

  • Lionel Messi denticulate 12 goals in La Liga, cutting 69 times and cutting 17.39%. Lionel Messi is aswell cutting the top 5 alliance goalscorers. Kane attempt additional in number, extensive 59 times, Tottenham ballista into the eight alliance goals, attempt about-face amount is 13.56%.

    Of course, 5 aloft league, there are players cutting about-face amount is 0%, 10 players attempt added than 10 times, but did not score, of FIFA 18 Coins which Di Maria 25 shots 0 goals, Zhakka is 22 times , Bolini is 22 times, they are all Langwang.

    Last season, Absolute Madrid won the La Liga, Champions Alliance bifold acme in the alteration bazaar this summer, the Milky Way battleship alien Morata, Pepe, Jero, Mariano, Danilo, Cole Tran this all-embracing amateur . Aggregation backup is not wrong, however, afterwards the auction of added than accomplished high-level players, Absolute Madrid has just alien Ceballos, Teo - Hernandez two adolescent players, in accession Galacticos B Absolute Madrid B Aggregation Marcos - Llorente, Borgha - Mayoral, Jesús - Baleho aloft to the aboriginal team. Obviously, Florentino and Zidane achievement that this alteration operation, to complete the team's replacement.

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    December 26, 2017