Fung tower Davis stepped into the league in 2009

  • "Every decision we make is based on two elements: 1. Is this a good bet for the team? 2. Will this help us to win?" Colts coach Pagano said "It's not his own. I do not want to Madden Mobile Coins because of his personal influence on the team's strong, I can not affect the team's unity, no one, we do everything in order to win, I love Davis, we all love him, we are together I've been working for a long time, and I thank him for his contribution to the team over the past 6 years, but we made this decision, and I hope Davis will have a good life. Well, I will not talk about this problem , I now only want to play against Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. "Pagano then stepped down, and since then Fonta-Davis has become the distant memory of the colt.

    Colts had hoped to throw 29-year-old Davis before the trade deadline, his contract expires this year, but no team is willing to take over Davis. The problem with the current Colts is that they need a reliable cornerback instead of breaking the pot after Davis left and now the Colts have a 2-6 record and they have seven weeks to look at the other Player, ready for next season.

    Fonda - Davis stepped into the league in 2009, three years for the Miami Dolphins, the 2012 Indianapolis pony transfer to join the pony since joining Davis in 2014 and 2015 twice in the professional bowl. Davies suffered injuries in the last two seasons. Last season, Davis missed the first two games of the team because of a foot injury and was hit this season because of repeated groins injuries. To date, Davis has completed 22 steals and 334 tackles in his career.

    Davis, who left the colt, said he would have groin surgery even after the season's reimbursement. If the groin can be fully recovered, Davis can look forward to many teams throwing an olive branch to him next year's offseason, but obviously, Davis does not want to go to the pony.